Why Is My Windows 11 So Slow

Why Is My Windows 11 So Slow – Are you experiencing slow Windows 11 on your PC or laptop? If yes, then you don’t need to panic. Instead, consider this article helpful. In the next part of the article, you can read and know the reasons for Windows 11 running slow and some effective ways to solve the Windows 11 running slow problem. So, make sure you don’t skip any part and read the article till the end.

Microsoft recently released Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10. It is still in testing. However, the Windows Insider program is now available to developers. Although Windows 11 brings a completely new look with some advanced features, some users feel the effectiveness of Windows 11 after installing it.

Why Is My Windows 11 So Slow

It is important to note here that Windows 11 is not yet stable, so you may have to wait a few weeks or months to use it. But now there is a problem arising in Windows 11 operating system. These include Windows 11 slow boot or startup, fast battery drain, overheating of the computer, and more.

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So if you are facing slow Windows 11, this article will help you. Although the operating system problem may remain in the Windows Insider program, here we will tell you the effective way to solve the problem on how to solve the Windows 11 slow problem. So, let’s get started!

Windows 11 is the major release of the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. But if you are suffering Windows 11 slow performance, there may be many reasons behind it. It is worth noting here that even if your PC or laptop can support the latest Windows 11 version, the system may still require additional hardware or resources to boost performance. Why is Windows 11 so slow? Listed are some common problems that can cause Windows 11 to perform slowly on your PC or laptop:

Now that you know what causes your Windows 11 to boot slowly, it is necessary to know some effective ways to help you speed up Windows 11. So, let’s talk about the troubleshooting guide to get rid of Windows 11 slow. All the methods shown below have instructions, so to get effective results, make sure to follow them in a specific order.

It is often observed that many unnecessary programs or applications may appear when you boot your Windows PC or laptop to reduce loading time. So, to avoid Windows 11 slow boot problem, make sure to remove all unnecessary apps and programs from the Startup tab. Here’s what you can do:

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You can repeat the same steps to uninstall all apps and programs. After removing them, restart your computer and see if the Windows 11 slow boot problem is solved.

The Windows 11 operating system comes with a slew of quick start functions. You can use it to increase the boot-up time of your system. However, if you have enabled this option, you may often encounter the problem of Windows 11 slow boot. So you can consider disabling the Fast Startup option to improve the performance of your system. To turn off the Fast Startup option, do the following:

Step 2: Click on “Hardware and Sound” option and select “Power Option”. Alternatively, if you can’t find Power Options directly, type “Power Options” in the Control Panel search bar.

Step 3: Select the “Choose what the power button does” option. If “Enable fast startup” is enabled, uncheck the box to turn it off.

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As for the slow performance of Windows 11, outdated graphics card drivers on your PC or laptop can also cause problems in Windows 11. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to update the graphics drivers. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 5: If an update is available for your graphics card, it will automatically download and install the updated version.

As the name suggests, temporary files are created by the Windows operating system in memory while performing a task. This allows the computer to keep things running smoothly and quickly when the user tries to do the same thing again. Corrupt or old temporary files can cause Windows 11 slow problems. To delete temporary files from your computer or laptop, do the following:

Step 3: By pressing “Ctrl + A” key to select temp file. Click “Delete” to remove temporary files.

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Step 4: If the dialog box appears, click the “Do this for all objects now” option and click the “Continue” button.

Note: Wait for the deletion process and if any temporary files are not deleted, skip those files.

After removing the temporary files, restart your PC or laptop to see if the Windows 11 slow problem is solved.

If you are still facing problems like Windows 11 slow boot, you can consider running the Windows Update Troubleshooter to see if something went wrong with the update or not. To run the Windows Update troubleshooter, follow the instructions listed below:

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Wait for the system diagnostics to start automatically and check some things on your PC. If there is a problem, see the troubleshooting method on the website to solve it.

If none of the above methods help you to solve the Windows 11 slow boot problem, try increasing the C drive space. To do this, you can completely rely on Partition Master because it is one of intelligent disk partition management software. You can use the “Allocate Space” or “Resize/Move” option to free up space on the C drive.

If Windows 11 continues to run slowly, try moving your Windows 11 operating system to an SSD. Improve your PC’s performance and boot time. To do this, you can use the “Migrate OS” feature of Partition Master Tool. It is a wonderful tool that helps you to facilitate the migration of the operating system.

Note: Moving OS to SSD or HDD will delete and delete existing partitions and data on your target disk when there is not enough unallocated space on the target disk. If you have important data stored on it, back them up to an external hard drive first.

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Finally, if you are still struggling with Windows 11 slow boot problem, it is beneficial for you to go back to the previous Windows OS.

Microsoft has officially announced that Windows 11 will finally arrive on October 5. This is your final method and to implement it follow these steps:

Note: Rolling back to Windows 10 is not a one-size-fits-all method. Some users have experienced slow running problems in Windows 10.

Step 6. Click Next again when it prompts you to remember your password from Windows 10. (Remember your password.)

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Once the procedure is done, restart your PC or laptop to see if the problem of Windows 11 running slowly is solved or not.

Here’s how you can improve slow Windows 11 performance. You can go ahead and try all the methods listed above to increase your system performance and boot time. However, if you are looking for a quick and effective repair method, try and use Partition Master as a daily disk partition management tool for a better Windows 11 user experience.

If you feel that Windows 11 is running slow or frozen, the reason may be from low system storage or running too many programs at the same time.

Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10. However, some users face slow problems due to low disk storage or outdated drivers. Don’t worry. This can be easily fixed.

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To quickly solve the problem of laggy Windows, a useful disk manager, master partition, work to increase the C drive space or transfer OS to another drive. Other quick fixes: uninstall startup programs, disable fast startup, and delete temporary files.

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There are several reasons why Windows 11 starts up slowly, we did some research and found common reasons for this problem, here are some examples:-

We have put together a few methods that are sure to help you get your PC back on track, follow along.

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