What Is Bash In Linux

What Is Bash In Linux – As a fresher, while learning Linux, we get confused with the true meaning of terms like Terminal, Console, Shell and Kernel. Sometimes we confuse their usage which is technically incorrect, so it is very important to have a clear understanding of what each word actually means and how and where it should be used.

For those who have Linux OS, when we click to open the icon called “Terminal”, a window opens, so in simple words that square box or window is called terminal. With the invention of modern computers, we have this application called “Terminal”, which we can open with just one click, but in the 80s it was known as “Terminal Emulators” which was not a software program but a hardware, normal. An input-output device consisting of a keyboard and a monitor. Now there is confusion so this is a computer!! But no, the purpose of a terminal is not to process information (like a typical computer) but to send commands to another system. A terminal is a program that provides the user with a simple command line interface and performs the following 2 tasks:

What Is Bash In Linux

We can say that the terminal is something stupid because it doesn’t know what to do with the input, so it needs another program to process it, and in most cases it’s the Shell.

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In case of Windows OS, “Console” performs the same operations as Terminal, so we can say for Windows OS, Console is an alias name of Terminal. But the Console cannot be opened directly, we have to open it through a command which then opens the console or a square box on the screen.

After we type our commands in the terminal, when we press the Enter key, the terminal sends those commands to another program to learn what the user wants to do, and in most cases that program is the Shell, which forms the outer layer. Linux OS, which performs the following functions:

If everything is correct, the shell converts the command in the kernel into understandable form and passes it to the kernel.

The $ application appears in the terminal and waits for the next command, regardless of whether the previous commands were correct or not.

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The shell is the interface or interface between the end user and the kernel. There are different shell programs to choose from TCSH, KSH, Seashell, Bash and many others, but the default on most Linux systems and Macs is GNU Bash.

It is the computer program that makes up the biggest part of the OS after Shell. As the shell converts the user command in the kernel understandable form, the kernel is responsible for executing the commands with the help of its 2 components which are OS libraries and device drivers related to application software and device hardware. Below is an example of C-program execution flowing through the OS to the hardware:

According to the table above, it is clear that the kernel acts as an interface between the application software and the hardware. The kernel will also manage memory allocation and process allocation.

We use cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience on our website. By using our site, you agree that you have read and understood our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy In the bash shell, the test command compares one element to another and returns true or false. In bash scripting, the test statement is an integral part of the conditional statements that control the logic and flow of the program.

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As an argument. After computing the EXPRESSION, test the value in the bash variable “$?” returns If the value is 0, then the expression evaluates to true. If the value is 1, then the expression evaluates to false.

Here’s a quick example of how the test command works. We will check if 1 is equal to 2. If it is true, then the result will be “true”. Otherwise, the result will be “false”.

If the test part is true, then the first echo command will be executed. Otherwise, another echo command will be executed.

The expression is what gives the test command its real power. The test can use strings, files and numbers to compare. Here is a short list of all available test expression formats.

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In programming, a string is a set of characters typically used to represent text. For example, “hello world” is treated as a string in the following echo command.

So far we have shown how to use the test statement to determine whether a given condition is true or false. We can implement this in bash scripts to make useful decisions.

Here the if statement will check whether the condition is true or false. Using the test command, we can easily get a Boolean value.

It is a demonstration of a simple if-else statement. For more detailed applications, feel free to refer to bash if-inse statements.

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The test command is simple but powerful. This guide explains and demonstrates different ways to use the test. A complete list of all supported expressions is available on the man page.

CSE student. I love Linux and playing with technology and tools. I use both Ubuntu and Linux Mint. These are the best online courses to learn shell scripting in bash, sh, csh, ksh and other Linux shells.

Hi guys, if you have always wanted to learn bash scripting and become a rockstar developer and are looking for the best shell scripting course, then you have come to the right place. In the past I have shared the best Linux courses, the best websites to learn Linux and the best Linux books, and today I am going to share the best course to learn bash shell.

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You may know that much of a programmer’s time is wasted trying to duplicate tasks and commands, especially when working with a bunch of UNIX or Linux machines, and a good knowledge of shell scripting can relieve you of such a tedious task. and make time for some interesting things.

If you don’t know what shell scripting is, let me tell you that it is nothing more than a program written using the built-in shell and Linux commands to automate things like checking if a host is reachable or browsing and deleting large files. is ancient. of several days or you archive them on another machine.

Basically, it’s a tool that lets you automate boring and repetitive tasks, which is how developers should work. They should not repeat things; instead, they should invest time in creating a script or program that can automate that task.

I’m always asking developers, programmers, and sysadmins to learn and master shell scripting because it’s one of those skills that not only saves time and increases productivity, but also separates your average, no-car, no-good programmer. with your tools.

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I’ll give you a real-world example from my career. I once worked on a project that had about 40 Linux hosts running our Java application.

After a big release, we realized that one configuration change was missed, and there was not enough time to do it properly, ie. to build another build and upload to the deployment tool (we’re using Opsware at the time) and release. again So we decided to manually change all 40 hosts.

I started making changes and 10 minutes later my technical lead came and asked if everything was done? I said, well, I’ve just started; currently only two servers are running. He looked at me curiously and asked how I was making the changes.

I told him I would go to each box, open the configuration file in the VI editor, and then make the changes. He took control from me, made changes to the config file and wrote a script to copy that file to all 40 servers, which only took 2 minutes, and ran it for another 1 minute, and it was done.

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I was confused as to why I hadn’t thought of that, but my ignorance of Linux and shell scripting held me back.

That day I realized that if you want to improve your productivity and impress your colleague, then you need to be good at your tools, and shell scripting is one of them.

Now that you know what shell scripting is and why a developer should learn shell scripting, it’s time to take it to the next level, how do you learn shell scripting? Or how can you improve your Linux shell scripting skills?

Well, an online training course is a good starting point, followed by a book for more in-depth study. Earlier I shared some basic UNIX programming books and courses and today I am going to share some best online courses to learn shell scripting in Linux.

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This is one of the best courses to learn shell rewriting, especially if you don’t have much experience