Is Pixel Better Than Iphone

Is Pixel Better Than Iphone – The Google Pixel 6 and the Apple iPhone 13 are among the best phones if you can afford them, as both offer great cameras that can take great photos in all conditions, and both are fast and smooth.

The Pixel 6 completely overhauled the Pixel line with Google’s first proprietary Tensor processor, offering a welcome leap in performance, but also an all-new camera system and a distinctive new design. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 is all about incremental improvements and improvements. It retains the same design style that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12, but brings a faster processor, bigger battery, and new camera features like an updated camera and movie mode for video.

Is Pixel Better Than Iphone

So… it’s time for the Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 13 head-to-head comparison! What steps does Google have to take on the iPhone? Which one should I buy? Let’s take a look!

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The only major difference between the two is physical size, as the iPhone is a more compact phone and the Pixel is a wider and taller device.

In the image above, you can see that the borders around the screen are significantly larger on the Pixel than on the iPhone. But then you also have a fairly prominent view on the iPhone, while the Pixel offers a much smarter punch hole design. By the way, Face ID is 20% smaller on this year’s iPhone, which is an improvement.

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Also, both are made of glass, giving it a premium feel. The iPhone uses a ceramic shield, while the Pixel uses Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass Victus on the front and back of the phone. Additionally, both phones have IP68 water resistance. In case you’re wondering, the phone also doesn’t support a headphone jack.

See the Google Pixel 6 vs. Apple iPhone 13 size comparison or use our size comparison tool to compare other phones.

Google’s Pixel 6 also brings a high refresh rate display of up to 90Hz, while the iPhone 13 sticks to a traditional 60Hz display. Yes, scrolling and gaming are smoother on the Pixel, which is a significant advantage.

In terms of screen size, the Pixel has a larger 6.4 screen compared to the iPhone’s 6.1 screen. Both are flat screens, a win in our book.

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In terms of biometrics, the Pixel relies on an optical fingerprint scanner, which is a bit flimsy and a common complaint among users. The Pixel does not support any facial recognition. While the iPhone relies solely on Face ID, the good news is that it has been updated to work with masks. It’s hard to say which one is better, but it’s worth considering the issues with the Pixel’s fingerprint reader.

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Color accuracy charts show how close standard screen colors are to reference values. The first row contains the standard (actual) colors and the second row contains the reference (target) colors. The closer the actual color is to the target, the better. These measurements were made using CalMAN Portrait calibration software.

A grayscale accuracy graph shows whether a screen has the correct white balance (the balance of red, green, and blue) at different gray levels (from darkest to lightest). The closer the actual color is to the target, the better. These measurements were made using CalMAN Portrait calibration software.

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The actual screen technology is pretty much the same on both phones: they use OLED panels with great contrast, deep blacks and great viewing angles. The iPhone’s peak brightness is slightly higher, making it easier to use the phone outdoors on a sunny day.

Both the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 have dual rear cameras, a primary and ultrawide. At the same time, like most phones in their price range, they don’t have a dedicated telephoto lens, meaning you get better zoom quality than the flagships.

However, you get some improvement with the main and ultra-wide cameras. In particular, the iPhone has a main camera that emits more light with a very wide aperture, which helps in low-light conditions, and it also stabilizes the sensor switch for the main camera.

On the other hand, the Google Pixel 6 is the first Pixel in several years and the first to feature a larger camera sensor.

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Google specifically mentions better capture of moving objects, which is great if you have a fast and furious mini, and improvements to HDR video (which isn’t as good on the Pixel 5). The company has also addressed the overheating issue during video recording that had plagued Pixel phones in previous years.

During the day, both phones take disappointingly good photos. However, there are finer details to be aware of. The Pixel is just a little inconsistent, and we’ve noticed that when you have lots of foliage like this season, it tends to shoot with yellow or orange tones, while the iPhone does a better job with white balance.

Also, the Pixel is just super aggressive and pushes the shadows, so you get this flat-looking image, but the iPhone offers more contrast, which we think is slightly better.

Don’t forget that with the new Picture Styles option, you can easily customize your iPhone’s look, and it’s even more versatile.

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Next, both have ultra-wide cameras, with the iPhone standing out here with its wider 13mm camera. In ultrasound the differences are more noticeable, but they’re still pretty much the same, with some white balance inconsistencies and that flat look with raised shadows.

Both phones offer a portrait mode, and as you can see above, it’s not perfect on either of them, especially with the bezels on. The Pixel supports 1X and 2X portraits, but it’s a bit of a misnomer, the 1X is actually cropped from the main camera and isn’t quite the same as the 1X in normal portrait mode, meaning you lose detail, while the iPhone supports true 1X mode. However, the iPhone lacks the 2X image mode, which is a huge loss, and the Pixel shows that even if the quality drops a bit, it can only be made up for by digital zoom.

On top of the hardware changes, the iPhone 13 has a Video Cinema mode that blurs out the background in real-time while you’re shooting, and it’s smooth and well… auto focus in cinema. way. This option only records at 1080p 30fps and doesn’t work in 4K, but it’s the first time we’ve seen the ability to change the focus on a video even after it’s been recorded.

We’d say the iPhone still has the edge in video, with better clarity, low-light performance and slightly better video stabilization, but Google has narrowed the quality gap and the two are now closer.

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Neither phone has a headphone jack, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

What’s interesting is the difference in sound quality through the built-in speakers on both phones. Both combine rear-facing speakers with secondary speakers built into the earcups, but the iPhone sounds richer and louder, while the Pixel is good, but no more. Keep this in mind if you play music directly from the speakers or appreciate sound quality in games and videos.

Since the 2013 iPhone 5s was Apple’s first phone with silicon, Apple has been developing its iPhone processors for nearly 8 years now. Controlling hardware and software allowed Apple to fine-tune performance at the time and lead the charts.