Is A Samsung An Android

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Samsung phones receive Android OS updates every four years, and older devices receive fewer updates.

Is A Samsung An Android

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These Samsung Smartphones Will Be Eligible For Android 12 Update

If you have a new Samsung phone, like the Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Galaxy A53 5G, you don’t have to worry about its software becoming outdated anytime soon. The reason for this is Samsung’s system improvement When it comes to software support, Samsung is even ahead of Google in this regard.

Android OS updates are important because they bring new features and functionality to your phone. Launched on August 15, Android 13 will arrive on Samsung devices in the fall. The software brings changes like Google Wallet updates and encryption for group chats. (Here’s every new Android 13 feature we know about so far.) Those who want to try the software can check out the Android 13 beta.

But there’s another important reason to update software: security. Updates usually include bug fixes and security patches, so it’s a good idea to install them whenever possible. In addition to offering four years of Android OS updates, Samsung will also provide five years of security updates for the Galaxy S21 and later. The company also periodically releases security updates for older devices, including those that cannot be updated to newer Android versions.

Samsung also customizes Google’s Android software with its own interface called One UI. Phones eligible for Android operating system updates usually receive the latest version of this software. Check out the list of Samsung devices that support the latest iteration of One UI.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Gets Android 13 Update In The Us

Check the tables below for when Samsung will provide OS updates to your phone.

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Google recently announced the official release of the latest Android 12 OS for its Pixel line, but what about Samsung phones? At this point, Samsung users can expect Android 12.

Samsung has released a video showing some of the new features coming to One UI 4 – the software based on the company’s Android 12 operating system.

Is Samsung Planning To Ditch Android? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

You can also check out our guides on Android 12 OnePlus phones, Android 12 Sony Xperia phones, Android 12 Xiaomi phones, Android 12 Asus Zenfones and ROG phones, and Android 12 updates. Coming to Realme phones, we know when Android 12 will roll out to other manufacturers.

Samsung has announced that One UI 4 based on Android 12 will be released for its Galaxy S21 series on November 15. It includes the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

“We are committed to giving everyone access to the best mobile experience as quickly as possible,” said Janghoon Yoon, executive vice president and head of the software platform team for Samsung’s mobile communications business.

“One UI 4 delivers on this promise and equips Galaxy smartphone users with the latest customization and privacy features. But we’re not stopping there. Soon, other smartphone and tablet users will also enjoy this software update, the experience they bring provides continuity in our ecosystem.”

Every Samsung Galaxy Device Eligible For Four Years Of Android Updates

The company didn’t reveal a specific date in a press release, but this morning it updated its membership program with a full roadmap. After this post has been removed, you can see a screenshot of the update plans:

One UI 4 (Android 12) Update Message This is a translation of the now deleted Korean official message to a Samsung member. The details may change after the notification is received from the ATM. Please download for reference only. — FrontTron ❂ (@FrontTron) November 15, 2021

This post has been deleted, so these dates may change, but this gives us a good idea of ​​what order the updates will be in.

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How To Add, Remove, And Delete Samsung Account From Your Android Phone

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Samsung One Ui 3 Takes User Experience To New Heights With Android 11

So let’s set the stage for some notable examples: 2009. Cupcake’s version of Android was momentary – the first version of Android with a sweet-sounding name, rather than an on-screen keyboard, which was revolutionary at the time. – third-party widgets are supported.

At the time, Android was a tiny virtual child that barely made it onto the mobile market radar. There were even two Android phones earlier that year, and both were made by HTC.

That’s when Samsung came into the picture. In April 2009, the company announced its first Android-based device: the Samsung i7500, which would soon be better known as—yes, you guessed it—the Samsung Galaxy.

“- a data speed of 7.2 Mbps and a “thin and compact design” at 11.9 mm thick. (For comparison, the Galaxy S8 is 8 mm thick.)

From Galaxy S To Galaxy S22: A Timeline Of Samsung Phones

Hold the Phone: Not the inevitable nature of the first story in the galaxy. This is par for the course from the 2009 Paleolithic. What’s particularly funny about Samsung’s first Android effort is the satirically appropriate elements of what we now call the company’s longest-running habits.

At the time, there wasn’t much to say about Android’s UI design, but CNET still sparked some controversy over how to set up the operating system’s new on-screen keyboard:

As usual, Samsung has stuck to rarely used keys like the language keys, and the keyboard covers most of the screen.

Sound familiar? Here’s the weird twist: Samsung hasn’t really done much to change the stock Android UI on the i7500. And, CNET’s pagination:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Is The Android You Want

Based on the poor keyboard design… we’re probably lucky Samsung left Android a bit.

A dramatic “dun pig!” Can’t you hear that? Is the sound playing in the background? It’s like someone went back in time and wrote a prequel specifically to set up their next arc.

We all know that Samsung is adamant about deviating from platform and performance standards, especially when it comes to the placement of the main Android system keys (Back, Home and Browse, or Browse, Home and Back, depending on your perspective). Then there is the whole menu button to hang.

Well, even in Android’s 2009 Cupcake era, Samsung found a way to subvert the standards and change itself.

Samsung Updates The Galaxy S8 To A Less Old Version Of Android

The company’s first Galaxy didn’t have a standard physical search key at the time — and the then-standard Menu button was labeled with a random and highly critical label, which confused several reviewers.

However, this line, from TechRadar’s review, really made me laugh – because it can be used to review Samsung Android phones from the i7500 onwards:

3. Owners of the first Samsung Galaxy phone complained — drumroll, please — of desperate support for software updates

Fear not, history-loving, tech-loving friends, because we’ve saved the ultimate gem for last: With a wild (and maybe a little sick?) twist, Hosts of the Galaxy.

Galaxy S8 And Note 8 Will Get Android 10, Samsung’s Customer Care Insists