How To Write A Book On Google Docs

How To Write A Book On Google Docs – Everything is the same: title, image (or book cover), table of contents, actual content. that’s it!

So if a blog post and a book are one and the same, why is it so hard to create a book?

How To Write A Book On Google Docs

It used to be difficult because you had to deal with crap from publishers, editors, etc. Today, you can avoid all this with simple Google Docs and create real printed books. can.

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I can literally write an entire book using Google Docs, upload it to Amazon KDP, and sell it in both Kindle and physical editions.

Some time ago I created something called Death Timer based on the idea of ​​committing suicide at 85. I needed a timer for that.

This was a concept I came up with in high school to better plan my life (how do I know what I want to do if I don’t know when it will end?).

I was often surprised when I told people I was going to end my life on November 17th, 2067. I would like to explain that this is not a strange death wish, but actually just the cancellation of my life plans.

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After thinking about it for so long, it seemed like something people should do, but it wasn’t really a widespread idea.

This is what inspired me to create the Death Counter post…and I always thought it would make a great book.

Once I had a concept, I opened his Google doc called “Book” and started jotting down my thoughts.

The document contained only random concepts, random facts, and random statistics about death. Little by little, over time, you “arrange” the book by combining these.

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If you read a lot of books, you’ll quickly realize that some books are just milk.You can summarize them up to 50 pages.

I always get annoyed when I spend my time focusing on time-wasting books. So when creating my book, I wanted it to be very short and to the point. Basically, nothing more than you need.

My goal was to quickly install information on readers so they could get on with their lives.

My first book is directly modeled after Kamal Ravikant’s Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.

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I had met Kamal and had heard that he had originally published the book for free via email, but a friend of his encouraged him to make it a short book. He self-published it on Amazon, became a viral hit, and sold thousands of copies!

I bought the book for under $10 at the time and sat down to read it for half an hour.

The message was worth what I paid for and I really liked the size and length of the book.

I liked the format so much that I decided to publish another 6″ X 9″ book. It’s like a thesis😂

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Of course, coming up with a title and cover was an important part of developing the book, and we titled it “You Die” almost immediately.

While writing the book, I created a ghetto version of the cover on his Google Docs as follows.

It was plain text of him and a Google image of a person lying in a coffin.

This was supposed to be a temporary mockup to make a better cover, but I love how it looks!

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When I wrote this book, I wanted to store almost all my output in Google Docs, so I’m glad the cover turned out well, even though I used very simple image software within Google Docs (the best ). Documentation tricks for writers here).

You can totally do it yourself, but I’m personally a big fan of Fiverr for accomplishing small goals like this.

So I used two different people from him at Fiverr to properly format the book for the Kindle and print editions.

All I did was send each of these freelancers a Google Doc link to my book, downloaded it as File -> .docx and sent that file as well.

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In fact, both came back perfectly in the beginning, so no changes were needed.

It’s funny because the actual technical side of finding a book is so easy…. I mean, you don’t have to upload much.

But the hard part of developing a book comes with concepts, concepts, connecting them all together, etc…

A friend of mine, Chandler Bolt, runs a very large company called The School of Self-Discovery that guides people through this process.

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Both of my books were fairly short, so it’s not too hard to argue, but if you’re writing a novel or a long book, I can definitely see how having a support group around your project can help. rice field.

Here are some of the settings I personally used on his Amazon and how it works behind the scenes.

The great thing about self-publishing today is that you can publish an incomplete book and update it over time.

So when I received the first version of the printed book, I read it and made a note of the necessary changes.

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All books purchased after that will be updated. It’s like writing a blog post that you can edit at any time.

In fact, if someone finds an error in your book, Amazon will actually notify you and let you fix it with one click!

In my first book, I sometimes found formatting and grammatical errors and reported them to Kindle. Amazon just sends you a simple warning like this, and you can usually fix the error with one click:

Amazon will send you such notification and you can usually fix the error with one click.

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Being able to edit the book at any time takes the pressure off of making sure it is absolutely perfect and will remain a traditionally published book forever.

We hope that you will use simple tools like Google Docs and a free Amazon account to inspire you to write a book and speak out 🙂

P.P.S. Do you have more questions about how you migrated from Google Docs to books published on Amazon? You know it’s versatile, intuitive, and free.

So, while this may not be your first word processor for writing books, there are many reasons why it’s one of our top three.

How To Write A Book In Google Docs

From a blank page (or blog post) to a finished book, this guide shows you exactly what to do with simple step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

“Why use Google Docs when you have Microsoft Word, Scrivener, etc.?” Consider these benefits of using Google’s cloud word processing software.

As you’ll see in the following steps, Google Docs has all the tools you need to write, format, and self-edit your manuscript. From there, simply download it in the format you need for professional editing, interior book design, and publishing.

It takes longer than writing a blog post. The main reason is to write more articles and include some tricks you may not have noticed yet. Start by outlining your book title in Google Doc (using a numbered list) and go from there.

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To insert a page break, place your cursor where you want the page break, go to the Insert menu and choose Page Break > Page Break, or press Ctrl+Enter.

Continue planning your page breaks until you have a separate page for each chapter and book title (that is, the title page).

Knowing how to use page breaks can help you add pages before and after your book.

Now that we have the beginning part of our book template, it’s time to style the book title, chapter headings, and body text.

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Start on a page in Chapter 1, select a heading, and choose the Heading 1 style from the Style menu. After applying the H1 style, you can change the text to look the way you want.

Then select a Heading 1 (H1) style font, font size, and line spacing for the chapter titles and other page titles in your book.

Once you have the heading the way you want it, select the text and return to the Style menu to update the style of Heading 1 with your new formatting.

Do the same for each subheading (subheading), this time using the Heading 2 or Heading 3 style. After setting the font, size, and spacing, return to the Style menu and update your selections.

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