How To Track An Android Phone

How To Track An Android Phone – Life is unpredictable and no matter how careful you are, losing track of your Android device is quite a possibility. Thanks to many advancements, you can track your device and remotely lock or erase it for safekeeping. Although you can track iPhone with Find My, can we find lost Android device from iPhone?

Good!! Of course you can. The App Store is filled with tracking apps, including some great parental control apps for iPhones that can monitor connected Android phones. However, almost all of them have one major limitation, which is that the app must be pre-installed on that device and have location access.

How To Track An Android Phone

Though how many of us have a tracking app pre-installed? So how can we track Android phone in this case? Well, Google has simple solutions! Read.

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Like the Find My app on the iPhone, Google has a Find My Device app for Android devices. Unlike other apps, this app does not require it to be on the lost device (in order to be tracked). The service uses the Google ID registered with the Android phone and tracks its location accordingly.

In addition to tracking and locating your phone, Find My Device has several essential features. First of all, it provides information such as device name, battery, and network name (cellular or Wi-Fi). In addition, the device’s IMEI number, last operating status and other information are also available.

As part of the security features, you can send ringtones to your device, remotely lock your phone, and erase all data. To enable these features, your Android device must have an active Google Account and Find My Device turned on.

This feature is automatically enabled on most Android devices. To check the status, go to Settings → Security → Find my device.

What Is Find My Mobile And How Can I Use It To Locate, Lock Or Wipe My Device?

Find My Device is an Android app, so you can’t install it on your iOS device. However, you can use the service through its website, pretty much like you would if you track your iPhone from your Android phone; This is the way:

While searching for a stolen device, you should contact the local authorities before you go out and catch the thief. After all, you have taken on the role of monitoring your phone. Let them do there bring it back.

MSpy is a genius app that allows you to track any phone from your iPhone. It’s perfect for parents who want to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. Moreover, it does more than track location. You’ll get a complete overview of your child’s smartphone activity, from calls and text messages to social media usage and web searches. This makes it one of the best and worthwhile parental control apps.

Note: You will be guided to install mSpy on your Android phone through a special method that involves downloading the app through the browser. It cannot be installed through the Play Store. But don’t worry, because this method is safe and effective.

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After following the steps, you can view the location information of your Android device in your mSpy account whenever you want.

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) encodes a lot of information about your device, from warranty to hardware/software specifications. In case of theft, IMEI can be used to track and block your device by law enforcement. But what if you don’t remember such information about your device? Here’s how to get the IMEI number through Find My Device:

This section also uses information about when the device was last online, allowing you to check the status of a stolen or lost device.

A convenient feature, especially when you tend to forget your device every now and then. Find My Device allows you to remotely call an Android device.

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This feature allows you to lock your Android device remotely so that no one can use it. Once activated, the device will be locked and the lock screen will show the recovery message (if available) and the call owner token. The device remains locked until the call is made, even if the device is rebooted multiple times.

Also, all app notifications are hidden for the time being. So no one can access any messages, emails or notifications received during this time. In particular, the screen cannot be locked if the device is offline. However, the screen will lock when the device is online over cellular or Wi-Fi. It will lock until the call is made.

While losing your phone is painful and frustrating, the consequences of a data leak can be quite dire. That’s why Find My Device cleverly combines this feature. This will completely erase any trace of your data or personal information and restore factory settings.

Similar to Secure Device, this feature will not work if the device is offline. However, the screen will lock when the device is online over cellular or Wi-Fi. It will lock until the call is made.

How To Track Or Locate Your Lost Or Stolen Android Phone Without Tracking App?

Admittedly, this service has some limitations of its own, but almost all other apps have some of the same limitations. Besides, who wants a random application that eats up memory in preparation for an unfortunate event. And while being prepared is a good thing, these tracking apps present additional privacy and data breach risks.

How much can you trust a third-party app to stay dormant on your device? That’s why I recommend Find My Device to keep your phone and data safe!

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How To Track And Find A Lost Android Mobile?

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Android phone stolen or lost? Here’s how to find and get it back as quickly as possible

Losing your phone is a stressful experience, but there’s a way to make it a little easier. Take a deep breath and use the built-in Android tools to find your lost phone.

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It doesn’t sound too dramatic, but I think that sinking feeling when you realize your Android phone is lost is one of the worst feelings. Our phones are inherently personal, storing our deepest secrets and personal information. Add to that the fact that losing your phone is an expensive experience, and that feeling is even more complicated.

If you find yourself frantically rummaging through your pocket, backpack, purse or counter for your lost phone, don’t panic! Every Android phone comes with built-in tools that make it easy to keep your information secure and track your lost phone. Do not surpass yourself and still feel comfortable. There are several steps you should take now to prepare for success if or when your phone is lost—including leaving it at home.

Below I describe all the steps you can and should take right now, as well as what you should do when your phone is lost.

It shouldn’t take long to go through a few different settings panels and make sure you’ve turned on the right switch or you’re signed in to the right service. Trust me, in the future you will thank yourself for taking 5 minutes to do the following.

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Do yourself a favor and enable password and fingerprint authentication. Do yourself a favor and don’t use facial recognition on your Android device.

On most Android devices, the technology used for facial recognition can be easily fooled with something as simple as a photo of your face. Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are the exceptions here because they use a more reliable system, similar to Apple’s Face ID.

Next, create your passcode and set up fingerprint authentication in the Settings app under Security. I understand that it can be inconvenient to scan your fingerprint or enter a PIN every time you want to use your phone, but the idea of ​​someone having access to your photos, banking apps, email, and the rest of your phone. Your personal information is scary.

One more step to unlocking your phone is well worth the effort

How To Track An Android Phone, Tablet, Or Smartwatch