How To Take Airbnb Photos With Iphone

How To Take Airbnb Photos With Iphone – Airbnb iOS app builds ‘suggested neighborhood’ feature for user research / UX design / UI design / prototyping / user testing

The goal was to give travelers to the new city a better idea of ​​the neighborhoods they want to stay in based on specific criteria and/or similar neighborhoods in other major cities around the world that they are already familiar with. A former traveler who enjoyed their stay in New York’s West Village, for example, might suggest a stay in London’s Islington neighborhood or Mexico City’s La Condesa.

How To Take Airbnb Photos With Iphone

The suggestions are based on two basic inputs: First, consumers can pick and choose certain variables that are important to them in their profile settings—access to public transportation, a thriving nightlife scene, proximity to museums, etc. .

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The research process began with a thorough examination of the existing Airbnb iOS app and accompanying desktop site.

After the app audit was completed, 30-minute 1:1 interviews were conducted with frequent travelers and Airbnb customers in London and New York City. The goal was to understand how they decide which neighborhood to stay in when visiting a city for the first time, as well as how and for what purpose they regularly use the app.

A quantitative survey was also conducted through Google Forms in order to understand which variables are most important when choosing which neighborhood to live in.

After interviewing a number of Airbnb customers to understand how they use the app and decide where to stay, I built a sensory map to guide the development of the new feature.

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The next step was to map out the feature architecture, paying particular attention to the new screens to be created and how they would integrate into the existing application architecture.

Those screens were then compiled into a detailed user flow diagram, which outlined the overall structure of the feature and its smaller components.

After removing the primary functionality and feature components, wireframes are built to visualize the information architecture and better understand the flow between key screens.

Created a style guide and UI kit based on the latest version of the Airbnb app, using a variety of tools. A lot of attention was paid to their core brand assets and their use of color, photography style, typography choices and their use of imagery.

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The initial wireframes were then converted into high-fidelity compositions, which would be used for the prototyping phase that would follow.

Finally, the screens were stitched together to create a high-fidelity working prototype that could be tested in person with users via the InVision app for iOS.

The prototype was tested 1:1 with a group of users using InVision’s mobile app, mirroring the experience they would have in the Airbnb app itself.

I like this! Being able to see similar neighborhoods in other cities is a game changer

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With testing complete, user feedback was integrated into the final iteration of the InVision prototype and the files were cleaned up using Zeplin and ready to hand off to developers.