How To Screenshot On Windows 7

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Taking a screenshot on Windows systems is the easiest way to preserve or share any visual content from a website, program, or video game. You can take it and send it via email, social networks or file sharing sites with just a few clicks.

How To Screenshot On Windows 7

This article will show you how to capture any web page, program, and even video game full screen using several different methods. You will learn to take not only static screenshots, but also videos.

Windows 7 Ultimate Rtm X64

Standard keyboards on Windows computers include a dedicated screen capture key. It looks like this:

The print screen key will say “Print Screen”, “PrtSc” or “PrtScn” depending on the keyboard and country. It’s usually in the upper right corner, next to the last F12 key.

Note: On some newer keyboards, especially laptops, you must hold down the Fn or Function key while pressing the PrtSc key to capture the screen.

When you use this method, the operating system automatically copies the entire screen to the clipboard. From there, you can attach it directly to an email, social media platform, or messaging app. You can even start editing it in an image editing program like Photoshop or even MS Paint.

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Note: A disadvantage of this method is that it automatically captures the entire screen, including the screen toolbar and tab bar. Manual cropping may result in inconsistent screenshot sizes.

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One of the easiest ways to save a screenshot taken with the print screen key is to paste it into your image processing software of choice. For example, you can use Microsoft Paint, which comes free with all relevant versions of Windows.

Open Paint and paste the screenshot by pressing Ctrl + V. You can also right-click and select Paste from the drop-down menu.

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows (7, 8, 10), And Save And Edit Them

From there you can edit the file as you wish before saving it (Ctrl + S) in your desired image format.

If you’re using Windows 10, you can also use Paint 3D. But if you want to use a more powerful image editor, we recommend a special tool.

It’s one of the fastest ways to share screen content without a phone call. Hit the print screen key, paste it, hit send and it’s on its way.

If you want more control over your screenshots, such as capturing a tab, you can use Windows’ built-in “Snip Tool” or other third-party apps or software.

Ways To Print Screen On Windows 7

All recent versions of Windows, including 7, 8, and 10, include the Snipping Tool. You can easily open it by searching for it in the toolbar search.

Press the Windows key to open the toolbar and go to Windows search. Alternatively, you can also use Windows + S shortcut to invoke Windows Search. However, note that in Windows 7, the search field must be manually selected before you can enter a keyword. Type “Snipping Tool” and press Enter.

Note: There is no hotkey to open the Snipping Tool. It would be best to do it manually. In Windows 10, an updated version of this application can be opened with a shortcut – more on that later.

It has different modes, including freeform screenshots, but the basic format is a rectangular screenshot. But at least it gives you more flexibility than just pressing a key on the print screen.

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When you start “Snipping” by clicking the “New” button, the entire screen will turn gray. Then you can select the area you want to capture and save it.

You can now edit your screenshot with the pencil, highlight and eraser tools. It also offers some unique options compared to copying and pasting in Paint, such as a delay mode for taking delayed (timed) screenshots. You can also highlight something from a screenshot and email it directly from the Snipping Tool.

The table below lists all hotkeys (available only after opening the Snipping Tool):

One feature we are missing is the ability to take multiple screenshots with the same size and positioned window.

Windows 7 2011 Screenshot

Overall, it’s not a life-changing screenshot app, but it’s good enough for primary use.

You can open it in the same way by searching in the menu or using the built-in keyboard shortcut: Shift + Windows + S.

This will automatically open the app menu for the screen break. Here you can also choose window, freeform, fullscreen or rectangle options for your snapshot.

With the window clipping option, it does not automatically capture the active window. You can switch tabs by pressing Alt + Tab and then clicking on the specific window you want to capture.

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10?

By default, PNG format files saved by Windows screenshot software are unnecessarily large. After taking and editing these screenshots, you should optimize the images for the web.

If you want additional features like more powerful editing, automatic web optimization, or full page capture, you’ll need to use a third-party tool.

Just go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “screenshot”, filter the result by extensions and see for yourself. Then you can choose from dozens of Chrome extensions to take screenshots of web pages.

There are so many options that it can be difficult to choose. To keep things simple, we recommend one of the following:

How To Take A Scrolling Screenshot On Windows 7, 8, And 10

All of these tools go far beyond what you can do with Snip & Sketch. For example, you can take a screenshot of the entire page instead of just the visible part with each one.

In Awesome Screenshot, you can even use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + E or manually open a menu to do this.

If you’re wondering what it looks like, take a look at this full-screen screenshot of our homepage: a single cartoon that perfectly represents what our site looks like in a browser. It’s a simple way to share what your test site looks like on your local server if it has errors that aren’t visible in the steps.

Another useful feature is that you can take a screenshot of just the contents of any tab. This means you don’t have to limit more than 90 tab windows or the entire URL of your secret document.

How To Take Screenshots In Windows 10, 8, And 7

It also means you can take screenshots of the same size from multiple different pages. It’s perfect if you use screenshots as part of your blog or content marketing and want to keep your images consistent.

Also, most of these extensions, including Awesome Screenshot, include a better image editor than Windows.

For example, you can blur parts of the image, add shapes, arrows, text boxes, and more. And all these options are available in free versions.

These features make it easy to edit and produce tutorial-style screenshots for inclusion in a tutorial blog post.

How To Take Screenshots In Windows 7, Windows 10 & More

(And if you want to become an even more productive blogger, check out our list of the best Chrome extensions for WordPress users.)

You don’t need to install any additional plugins. Just open a browser and start taking screenshots. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S to open the “Web Capture” overlay.

Capturing the entire page does not depend on multiple partial screenshots and scrolling. So the floating bar won’t spoil your screenshot.

Once you’ve captured a page, you can use the available drawing and erasing tools to highlight elements on the page or annotate.

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The features are basic, but the tool works perfectly for sharing a web page with a friend or colleague.

In Windows 10, the Xbox Game Bar is installed and active by default (even if you don’t own an Xbox). You can open it anytime by pressing Windows key + G.

Although it was built into Windows to capture screenshots and video games, it works just as well to capture content from movies, websites, or any other program.

After opening the Xbox game bar, you can either press the camera button in the upper left corner, or take a screenshot without opening the menu by pressing the print screen hotkeys: Windows key + Alt + PrtScn.

What You Need To Know About Windows 7

When you open the game bar, you can click the Show All Screenshots button to display the most recent screenshots.

From here you can browse and share all the latest screenshots on Twitter. There’s even a super basic “meme editor” that lets you add a large block of text to the top and bottom.

Folder by default. It has some unique features such as the ability to scale screenshots to 4K resolution.

Note: You don’t need to be playing a video game to use the game bar to take screenshots.

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Instead of using the PrtScn key and pasting, you can capture other windows in PowerPoint.

It automatically adds a screenshot of the window you selected to the slide. If it’s a full-size window, it covers the entire page.

Newer versions of PowerPoint have a fairly powerful image editor. You can change colors, saturation and even remove the background with a magic wand.

You can also edit the screenshot with shapes, borders and text

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