How To Remove Sim Card From Android

How To Remove Sim Card From Android – The subscriber identity module or SIM card is the “brain” of a mobile device. This chip allows the device to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and connect to a mobile network. When your device has an invalid SIM card, it loses its basic functions.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to fix SIM problems yourself. The methods range from simple to complex, but you will learn the hassle-free ways through our guide.

How To Remove Sim Card From Android

You should first find out what the invalid sim card or no sim error is before trying to fix the problem.

How To Remove A Sim Card From An Iphone

Invalid SIM card or no SIM error can be encountered at any time. This happens regardless of whether your gadget uses Android or iOS. You will know if there is such a problem after your device shows the warnings “invalid SIM card”, “no SIM card” or “SIM card not detected”.

There are many reasons why a SIM card can be invalid or cannot be detected by the mobile device. First, there may be problems with the SIM card itself. The chip may be damaged or not seated properly in its dedicated slot. Second, there may be hardware problems. For example, the SIM card reader component of your device is not working properly.

There may also be software bugs. For example, your device has a very old version of Android or iOS or has problematic apps. Finally, your phone may not be network unlocked, which is why it doesn’t work on other SIM card providers.

You won’t be able to determine the exact cause right away because you will only find it depending on which solution works. Luckily, there are plenty of tweaks you can try for your Android and iOS devices.

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There are many solutions for invalid sim card or no sim error. You can choose the method you prefer. In most cases, you will find yourself trying several solutions. That said, we’ve already listed for you every solution known to work, which are very similar solutions for when your phone won’t recognize your USB or won’t read your SD card. The steps are detailed for Android and iOS.

Unlike the old days, you don’t need to smash a working device to make it work – all you might need is to turn it off and on again. Rebooting your device is an effective way to fix minor issues including SIM card issues, lags and crashes.

Reloading has benefits. Clear RAM, the temporary data store of running programs, and stop running applications. As a result, your device returns from its overloaded data state to a “fresh” state.

This solution only has downsides if you overdo it. An example of this is the shortening of the life of the device due to frequent recharging. Therefore, technology experts recommend restarting the mobile only once a week.

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To restart an Android device, click or hold the power button. Choose “Restart” instead of turning it off and on manually.

To restart an iOS device, press and hold the volume and/or independent side or top button. Drag the slider to turn it off. Turn on the gadget only after the shutdown process is complete. You need to press the side button again until the Apple logo appears.

Removing and reinserting the SIM card can be another solution to the SIM card error problem. This will work if the mismatch is the root cause of the invalid SIM problem. Just be careful when removing and reinserting the SIM card as you may scratch it. The problem can get worse if this happens.

Another reason why the SIM card cannot be read by the device is that the network operator settings may have been switched. Make sure you are on the correct network supported by your device and SIM card.

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Resetting network settings is a typical solution for connection problems, but it can also be applied to an invalid SIM problem.

Note that only Wi-Fi, Cellular and Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be switched by default if you reset network settings. Then you’ll need to set them up again, so make a list of your Wi-Fi, cellular and VPN names and passwords beforehand.

There should be no risks in resetting your devices network settings unless you manage to backup your network credentials.

Airplane mode is a setting commonly used when traveling by plane. This turns off your cellular network so you don’t cause interruptions in the plane’s signal or communications during the flight. The mode also saves your device’s power, which is used to search for signals.

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The device’s network settings are updated when airplane mode is turned on and off. It works similar to mobile network scanning. As a result, the device checks you again for the correct network that matches your SIM card.

Swipe down on the home screen to access airplane mode on an Android device. There you will see different icons with different functions. Tap the one that looks like an airplane. Wait a few seconds for it to activate, then click once more to turn it off.

To toggle airplane mode on an iOS device, swipe down from the top-right corner of the home screen. Click on the airplane icon. Tap it again after a few seconds. Alternatively, you can also go to the settings menu and select “Airplane Mode” to turn it on and off.

The device will reboot and stop third-party apps from running once in safe mode. This can help fix an invalid SIM or no SIM error when the culprit is a malfunctioning app.

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Enabling Safe Mode just takes a few steps. On Android, press and hold the power button. Once the Power Off icon appears, press and hold. The Safe Mode icon will then be available. Tap on it to reboot your device in safe mode. Just restart the gadget to disable safe mode.

On iOS devices, hold down the power button to turn off. Repeat this step to turn on the device. When the screen lights up, hold down the power and volume buttons at the same time until the Apple icon appears. Safe mode will be activated automatically. Just reboot your device to disable it.

If the controls are slightly different depending on your device model, it’s easy to check your phone manufacturer’s help site for specific instructions.

Updating your device’s software gives you access to the latest features. It also fixes the errors that could have caused the invalid SIM problem.

How To Remove A Sim Card From An Iphone

You need an active internet connection to update to the latest software for your Android device. This can be Wi-Fi or a mobile network. The first is more recommended.

Open the Settings menu after connecting to the Internet. Tap on the “Software Update” option. Select the “Download and Install” command. The device will automatically get the latest Android version and install it whenever you want.

To get the latest iOS version, connect to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Go to the Settings menu. Tap General and then Software Update. Press the “Download and Install” button on the iOS version description page. Click Install to apply the update. Provide the device password if required in the process.

Updating the software does not have any serious negative effects on your device. New bugs can only appear over time because no software is perfect.

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Factory reset is one of the last options to fix invalid sim card or no sim error. Mobile users use it when other simple methods don’t work.

However, proceed with caution as a factory reset will erase all information, internal memory data, apps and current settings on the device. The resulting state is the default state you had when your gadget was brand new.

As a precaution, make sure to back up all important information and files to a flash drive or the cloud and fully charge the device. This is because the data will be deleted and the process may take hours to complete.

To reset an Android device, go to the Settings menu. Click on General Management. If this option is not in your menu, tap Privacy or Backup and reset. Click “Reset” or “Factory data reset” if your decision is final. You may be prompted for your Google Account password if factory reset protection is enabled.

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An Android device can also be factory reset via physical buttons, but it is safer to navigate through the settings menu to avoid accidental actions.

To factory reset an iOS device, you also need to go to the Settings menu. Select “General” and tap “Restore”. Select “Erase all content and settings” from the existing reset options. The gadget will restart after that.

Other methods of performing a factory reset on an iPhone are button shortcuts that work on old iOS versions, via iTunes and third-party application methods.

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