How To Make Text Messages Private

How To Make Text Messages Private – There is no easy way to lock the iPhone Messages app to hide your conversations. You can’t effectively use third-party blocking apps, and unlike WhatsApp, the Messages app doesn’t have password protection.

But you have some solid options if you want to prevent family members, friends, and others from seeing your private SMS or iMessages. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to increase the privacy of your messages and hide them so that no one else can see your private conversations.

How To Make Text Messages Private

First of all, make sure you’re using a passcode on your iPhone. Chances are you already have one, but if you don’t, go to Settings > Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode and add one. Adding a passcode can protect your messages, photos, calls, contacts, and everything else on your iPhone.

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When your iPhone is on your desk or in the living room, incoming text messages appear on the lock screen and anyone can see the beginning of the message. To hide it, you can turn off the preview on the lock screen or turn off message notifications on the lock screen. Here are the steps for both.

From now on, when you get a message or app notification, it will appear on the lock screen, but the text of the message itself will be hidden until you unlock your iPhone with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. If you only want to do this for the Messages app, tap its name on the Notifications screen. After that, click Show Preview and select When Unlocked.

After that, the SMS or iMessage you are not allowed to appear on the iPhone’s lock screen. To see them, you need to unlock your iPhone and open Notification Center (by swiping down from the top center of the screen) or go to the Messages app.

When you get a new message, your iPhone plays a sound. Your office colleagues or family members are alerted if you receive multiple text messages in a short period of time. To solve this problem, you can turn off message notifications and prevent them from waking the screen.

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From now on, you will not be notified of new incoming messages and can only see new text messages in the Messages app.

Silencing all notifications might be a bit extreme and impractical for many people. Therefore, the best way is to hide message alerts for only one or more specific people who write a lot or whose messages you don’t want others to see.

Screen Time has an App Limit feature that allows you to set a daily time limit, and once it’s reached, the app is locked.

You can use this screen time trick to lock the iPhone Messages app with a password. Here’s how:

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1) Open Settings and tap on Screen Time. If it is not enabled, enable it and follow the first steps. You can continue to skip any suggestions that appear during installation. Don’t forget to set a screen password. And even if you’ve turned on Screen Time but haven’t set a passcode, make sure you do.

2) Tap on Always Allowed and tap the minus button > Remove for notifications to remove it from the list of always allowed apps.

7) Now open the Messages app and use it for a minute. After a minute it will show that the time limit has been reached. Click Request more time > One more minute. The first extra minute is allowed without a password.

After using the app for another minute, it will be locked. As of now, the only way to get into the Message app (until midnight) is to enter the Screen Time password (don’t share it with anyone). To do this, click Request more time > Enter screen password and approve for 15 minutes, an hour or the rest of the day.

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The above solution isn’t as perfect as a custom password lock, but it’s something you can explore. And if you don’t enter the Screen Time password and confirm it within 15 minutes or an hour, the app will remain locked all day and no one will be able to see your conversations.

Just keep in mind that screen time limits reset at midnight. So you have to use the app for

IMessage has some interesting bubble and screen effects, and one of them is invisible ink. You can ask the sender to text you with this bubble effect. After that, this message will not show any meaningful preview. The actual text will only appear when you hover over the text bubble.

To send a message using the invisible ink effect, type your message and click (don’t click) the send button. Then select “Send with invisible ink” on the bubble screen and click the blue send button.

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If you have meaningful conversations that you want to keep private for the future, you can take screenshots of them and save those images in Notes. After that, lock the note with a password.

Another way to hide some sensitive messages is to export or print them (or take screenshots). After that, save the exported file, printed paper or screenshots in a safe place that only you can access.

If you have multiple Apple devices, enabling iMessage on all of them can be a privacy nightmare. For example, keeping iMessage enabled on a Mac shared by your family members isn’t very private.

So for maximum privacy, leave iMessage enabled only on a device that’s always with you, like your iPhone. If family members or coworkers are using your Mac or iPad, disable iMessage on them by following these steps:

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I understand if you are used to iMessage and have important conversations in it. However, if chat blocking is very important, consider switching to apps like WhatsApp. Don’t forget to ask your friends to subscribe to this service as well.

Third-party apps like WhatsApp offer a built-in security option to lock the app with a password or Face ID/Touch ID. To do this, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock.

When you go to Telegram, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Passwords & Face ID/Touch ID to add a lock.

Finally, what the stock version of iOS doesn’t have, the Jailbreak community offers. If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you can use the ChatLock setting to add a passcode to the Messages app. It is convenient and allows you to protect your conversations.

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Here’s how to check the warranty status of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, and all other Apple devices. In 2018, the privacy of our data is one of the most challenging issues to maintain and keep in mind. The recent news and an in-depth New York Times article documenting how more than 50 million Facebook users were compromised are yet another reminder that trying to keep personal information secure is a complex and difficult task.

Today’s blog offers some tips on how best to keep your iPhone text messages private and secure. Whether you carry your iPhone with you everywhere all day, or even if your device is usually only in the safe confines of your home or apartment, here are some simple steps to make sure you’re the only person who has access to your SMS/text messages !

First, let’s take a quick look at Apple’s privacy policy when it comes to your mobile data. If you’re using iOS 11.3 on your iPhone or iPad and you open a native Apple app that for some reason wants to use your personal information, you’ll get a new warning on Apple’s privacy screen:

We really like this feature, and it’s Apple’s way of reminding you that the app you’re using will use some of your personal information to function properly. Apple’s privacy and data page states that “Apple views privacy as a fundamental human right.” While we can’t speak for Apple, we can say that there are plenty of tech companies that clearly don’t share the same views. We love that Apple is so open and transparent about their mission about how they handle your personal iPhone data.

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Steps to Make iPhone Text Messages Private Step 1 – Always use a passcode or Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad.

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many iOS users don’t even bother using this feature. Many people find it difficult to enter a six-digit code and/or use the Touch ID fingerprint feature to unlock their iPhone every time they want to use their device during the day. If your device ever falls into the wrong hands, an enabled passcode or Touch ID helps ensure that your personal information is not immediately accessible.

The passcode is now set on your iPhone or iPad, and anyone trying to use your device will need to know your private passcode to access or use your mobile phone.

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