How To Make Money Off Your Iphone

How To Make Money Off Your Iphone – And since many of us spend so much time scrolling anyway, you might as well take advantage of those keyboards and turn them into a way to make money from your phone.

There are tons of apps, tools, and resources out there to help, but it’s hard to know which ones are good — and beneficial — ideas, and which ones are a complete waste of time.

How To Make Money Off Your Iphone

We’ll look at 11 of the best ways to get paid to use your phone, and some steps you can take to make it happen.

How To Earn While On Your Phone? Money Making Apps For Iphone

Do you have some old clothes, furniture, or books that you could do without? (or anything, for that matter!)

There are many mobile apps that you can sell and pocket some extra cash Let’s see something

Use this app to sell technology and media like mobile phones, games, DVDs, CDs and books. It offers free shipping on all orders and fast next-day payments for the items you sell A nice feature is scanning an item’s barcode and getting an instant estimate of its value.

List your items for sale and Poshmark will pay the postage You can even organize a party where you and your friends list the same items Remember that listings are free, but you will have to pay a fee when you sell For items under $15, you will be charged $2.95 For items over $15, you will be charged 20%

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This app is part Craigslist, part thrift store This app is for local sales only and you cannot accept payments through the app, so you must arrange the actual sale with your buyer.

Another option to make money from your phone is to sell things you no longer need This option does not earn you cash, but it can earn you gift cards

Amazon has a great trade-in program that allows you to send Amazon devices, video games, phones, accessories, and other tech items.

If your item qualifies, you’ll receive an instant offer for an Amazon gift card or promotional credit toward the purchase of a new device.

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There are no fees involved, and Amazon will cover the shipping costs and send you a free shipping label.

While you’re looking for some extra cash now, you can make the best decisions to set yourself up for the future

There are some amazing investment apps that can help you make money from your phone today while increasing its value as you age.

Designed for people who want to take control of their finances, Advance is a combination of investing and saving You can use the app to set goals, then create a customized investment plan that will help you achieve those goals. If investing gives you a headache, you can set up an automatic monthly deposit and forget about it

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This app is a great way to invest without realizing the difference It does this by automatically rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar and depositing that amount into your investment account. You can earn extra money towards your account by shopping with selected Acorn partners

Robinhood has attracted a lot of media attention recently This app is often used for more complex investments, such as stocks and trading funds You’ll get access to “fractional shares,” meaning you can invest as little as $1 instead of buying a full share of what you want to invest.

For some people, the idea of ​​installing an app on your phone and “selling” your data is an invasion of personal privacy. But if you don’t think so, this is an ideal way to earn money from your phone without doing any extra work.

For example, Nielsen is the largest market research firm in the world That’s why they want to see what you do on your phone – and they’re willing to pay you for it

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With Nielsen Desktop and Mobile Dashboard, all you need to do is download a secure mobile app. It is! The app will track and record how you use your phone, providing valuable market research data you need

People want to know what people think about their products and services And some of them will give you to tell them your thoughts

User Testing is a company that helps brands get this valuable feedback so they can continue to improve their offerings.

According to the website, participants can earn $4 for a 5-minute user test and $10 for a 20-minute user test. For a live interview, you can earn anywhere from $30 to $120.

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To register, you’ll need to answer a few screening questions so that UserTest can match you with the appropriate products and services to test.

You’ve probably heard of surveys before While they may not be the best use of your time, they can be a good idea if you’re at home, on your daily commute, or waiting in line at the DMV.

The app rewards you for other activities like taking surveys, watching videos, playing video games and reading emails. Besides getting paid cash, members also get benefits in the form of coupons and cashback for online shopping.

In addition to answering survey questions, you can earn rewards by sharing your web browsing data Whenever you complete a survey or provide information, you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards or cash.

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Do you love taking photos with selfie sticks? Maybe you want a little fun photography with your new iPhone All you have to do is take some interesting pictures to earn extra money through apps like FOAP

FOAP is free to use, and you can sell and resell the same photo as many times as you want

The photo sells for $10, and you keep half of the sale ($5). You can create your own portfolio of potential stock photos for companies or submit your images to “Mission”.

A mission is the way a larger company pursues specific images If you get attention on Mission Poster with your content, you can earn decent amount of money

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That’s right – Shopify offers a mobile app that lets you access everything you need to manage your store from your phone.

You can use the Sapif app to add products, manage inventory, fulfill orders, compare sales channels, communicate with customers, and monitor revenue levels.

While you first have to set up your store on a desktop, once you’ve set up your store, you can use the Sapif mobile app to run your day-to-day store operations while you’re on the go.

There are thousands of games available in the smart app market today While most of them will give you a way to pass the time, there are some apps that can help you earn money while having fun.

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Mistplay, for example, is an app that lets you earn rewards for playing games on your phone

In Mistplay, you play and level up in games to earn units (Mistplay’s in-app currency). You then redeem units for gift cards to companies like iTunes, Amazon and Best Buy

Most of us already walk a lot – whether it’s walking our dog or just going to the office

Sweatcoin is a handy app that converts every step you take into “sweat currency”. Although you cannot withdraw coins to your bank account, you can save them and convert them into goods and services Prizes range from audio books and athletic apparel to headphones and technology

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Over 300 brands are currently connected to Sweetcoin, with new partnerships coming all the time. This is a great way to save some money while you sleep

CleanSpace is a great app that offers freebies and discounts for people looking to protect themselves and the environment.

The app works with the CleanSpace Tag, a device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and monitors carbon monoxide levels around you.

For every mile you walk, cycle, walk (or otherwise avoid contributing to pollution), the app offers freebies and discounts. The app can intelligently learn how you move by checking the environment around your smart side Neat stuff, right?

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With the right strategy and apps, you can earn extra income by doing many simple tasks with your phone Most of these tasks are ones you already do in your daily routine So, it is easy to make money and get paid consistently

Are there other ways to make money on the phone? Share them in the comments below and help others pocket extra income

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