How To Listen To Kindle On Iphone

How To Listen To Kindle On Iphone – 1. Kindle for iOS isn’t a dedicated audiobook app, but you can use it to listen to audiobook companion.

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular reading apps for iOS and is almost always in the top 3 in the Books category.

How To Listen To Kindle On Iphone

While this app doesn’t offer an audiobook player, it does offer another interesting solution that allows users to listen to books.

Apple Books Versus Amazon Kindle Books App 2020

Unlike Google Play Books or Libby (which can be a book reader or audiobook player), Kindle offers a lot more flexibility. This is for people who don’t like audiobooks.

On the Kindle Store, you can purchase an e-book and then add an audiobook companion – for a fraction of the regular price of an audiobook. Thanks to this, you have one book in two formats.

Whispersync for Voice technology lets users switch between reading and listening with just a few taps. Synchronize last read location between book versions and your device. You can start reading on your iPad on your way to work and switch to listening mode on your iPhone at night.

The Kindle app with the option to add an audiobook companion is a great solution for readers who want the freedom to choose the format to suit their mood, but also if you share your Kindle library with family members.

Everything You Need To Know About Kindle Unlimited

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Ipad Vs. Kindle Vs. Nook

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Amazon Makes Audiobooks, Video, Music And More Available For Free

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How To Read Books For Free On Your Iphone And Ipad

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Switch Between Reading And Listening With Audible Narration

Affiliate links – we participate in Amazon and Skimlinks referral programs. If you buy products through our website, we may receive a commission of 1-4%. I’ve used Kindle for years. Recently, I used the Kindle Oasis as my primary e-reader. A few weeks ago, while looking at an upcoming book, I realized I wasn’t really into buying a Kindle on iOS. I’m starting to wonder if Kindle (and the Kindle app) are still the best places for me to buy books. Apple Books vs Kindle: what’s the best way to read books and listen to audiobooks?

Amazon is without a doubt the number one seller of e-books in the world, and there are many reasons for this. They offer affordable hardware and often have special deals on popular books. Over the past few years, I’ve collected a ton of books as I’ve built up my library. As I sat looking at the mobile interface for buying Kindle books, I started to think about how slow and outdated the Kindle interface in general was. I like the idea of ​​the Kindle hardware, but the software is underdeveloped. The overall experience is quite complex. It appears that the current Kindle hardware is running native firmware. Last summer, I argued that Apple should create a Kindle competitor. The electronic ink screen had something, but a new approach was needed.

Back to square one, I closed the mobile version of the Kindle website and reinstalled Apple Books. When I opened it, it was like a breath of fresh air. The overall design is simply stunning. I didn’t spend much time using the new interface Apple released with iOS 12, but I quickly became confused. I made the purchase a few years ago, so my library is definitely not as big as on the Kindle (I thought it was supposed to be a Book Anywhere service). I use many Apple services (iCloud, Apple Music, etc.) in my daily life, so does it make sense to move my reading to Apple Books?

After contemplating Apple Books and Kindle for the rest of the day, I realized that there were advantages to both. Amazon owns e-book equipment and a large bookstore. Apple provides great support on iOS with a built-in store. Apple’s overall app design (compared to the Kindle iOS app) seems more robust. Before I change my mind, I tweeted to see if anyone would buy my Kindle. I told myself that if I sold it that night, I would jump into Apple Books.

How To Sync Audible And Kindle?

After I sold my Kindle Oasis, I decided that the iPad mini would be the best device for reading from Apple Books. Although it is more expensive than the 7th generation iPad, it will be a more comfortable device for long reading.

One thing I noticed is that Apple Books has audiobooks built right into the app. With Kindle on iOS, you usually use the Audible app. As I recall a few years ago, I thought Apple’s audiobooks would be ridiculously expensive, but to my surprise, they all matched Audible’s prices. I got The Rise of Skywalker as an audiobook for the same price as the e-book version.

Overall, the interface for everything in Apple Books is top notch. Book reading is great and the audiobook player does well too. You can sync audiobooks with your Apple Watch. I spent some time choosing the books I would buy in the future. I’m confused about switching vendors and don’t have access to my existing library, but I’ll wait until I feel like rereading and buying one at a time. I can always reinstall the Kindle app.

While the e-ink experience on Kindle is good, Apple Books provides a superior experience from the start.

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