How To Install Covenant Eyes On Iphone

How To Install Covenant Eyes On Iphone – Parents should create a username for each child, consider our website filtering options, install Covenant Eyes on their child’s device, regularly monitor their child’s activity, and keep their child safe. by removing the Covenant Eye.

Account administrators (administrators) can add nicknames (profiles) for each child and customize each child’s name settings.

How To Install Covenant Eyes On Iphone

Do not allow your child to use the Admin name. If you share your admin username with your children, they can uninstall the Covenant Eyes app and change your account information.

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Our filter has two options: normal (default) and strong. You can also use a specific website list to block or allow specific websites. You can add filters to your child’s username/profile at no extra cost!

For example, when you get the Covenant Eyes app on your child’s iPhone®, sign in to the Covenant Eyes app with a username and password.

Make yourself a travel companion for every child and then download the Vijay app on your phone or tablet!

You must add yourself as a co-worker to each child in your account in order to see their work in the Victory app.

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Download the Victory app to see a continuous feed of activity for every child, enable activity alerts and learn about the dangers of Internet pornography with our little tutorial.

Parents can remove the unsubscribe permission from each child’s account to prevent Covenant Eyes from being removed.