How To Get Live Activities On Iphone

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IOS 16.1 is now available for download and it brings one of the biggest features we’ve been waiting for: third-party support for Live Actions.

How To Get Live Activities On Iphone

Whether it’s checking the score in real time, keeping tabs on your flight, or quickly accessing your to-do list, Live Actions pops up on your home page at the right time. your needs.

The Live Activities Lock Screen Feature Won’t Be Available At Ios 16 Launch

For this, in typical Apple fashion, a tree. In fact, it can be used when you receive messages from the app. But do this manually:

1. Head to Settings and scroll down to find the third-party app you want to appear on your lock screen.

Turn on the Live Actions button and that’s it! One thing to note, some of these things require the app to be running in the background for Live Action to work. Make sure you check this for every application you want to use.

From here, you can go back to the lock screen and find the widget you’re looking for. Of course, there are some conditions. For example, FotMob Live Action will only be shown during football matches.

Flighty App Update: Track Your Flight In The Dynamic Island

Now, some applications have been updated with support for Live Actions and Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. But that list is expected to grow significantly with more companies supporting the feature, such as Uber and Starbucks.

Now, here’s what happened. If an in-app purchase or subscription is required to activate the Live Actions section of the app, we will explain the list.

Jason brings ten years of technology and gaming journalism experience to his role as a writer at Laptop Mag. He loves writing articles and making videos on laptops, headphones and games. He has previously written for Kotaku, Stuff and BBC Science Focus. In his free time, you can find Jason looking for cute dogs to pet or thinking about eating pizza when he’s not around. iOS 16 beta 4 is the first SDK release that supports Live Actions. Live Activity is a widget feature that allows an app to display on your lock screen and update in real time. Examples where this is useful include live sports results or train departure times.

My Life Lesson is a demo for a car computer I’m developing with a group of friends. Here is a video of it.

Iphone 14 Pro: The Live Activities Feature Will Extend To The Dynamic Island

I haven’t talked much about our computer program; that will change one day. In short, a group of friends and I designed a small box that connects to your dynamo hub, measures speed and distance, and sends data via Bluetooth to an iOS device. The app tracks your entire traffic and can act as a live metro speedometer when placed on your car’s wrist. This is the last scene I wanted to recreate in Live Action.

Adding a Live event to the app is not difficult. I found Apple’s guide to viewing live content on the lock screen with Live Actions to be very simple and detailed.

IOS does not ask the user for confirmation if an app wants to show a Live Activity. I find this strange because it invites developers to ruin the feature, but it might be good because of the previous requirement (see below). Additionally, users can opt out of Live Actions on a per-app basis in the settings.

To start a Live Activity, a background application must be opened. This is not ideal for a car computer because the speedometer cannot be seen on the screen when the user starts to drive (although iOS now informs the app in the background to generate events Bluetooth from the car). The user must manually unlock the software at least.

Ios 16.1 Will Bring Live Sports Scores To Your Iphone’s Lock Screen

On the other hand, this limit is not a problem for most cases and can greatly reduce spamming / abuse.

When the app is running (in foreground or background), it can activate Live Action whenever it wants (I think). This is perfect for a car computer because the app runs after Bluetooth events when the car is moving. I think it’s the same with other applications that can live in the background, such as audio players or management applications that always check the location.

There were no problems when I tested the one-per-second Live Action, and I didn’t notice the limitation.

However, most of the applications were subsequently dismissed. They must use notifications to update your Live Activity (or any other activity that alerts you to your system). Apple is introducing a new type of advertising delivered directly to Live Action, bypassing the entire app. I haven’t played with push notifications, so I don’t know the benefits of using this method other than sending a voice notification to alert the app and update Live Activity from then. Is it possible to reduce the number of small?

Ios 16 Upgrade Will Make Live Activities Even Better, But There’s A Cost

I haven’t found a good way to match my Live Action colors with the system colors that appear on the lock screen. Normally, the text in Live Action is black in light mode, but the built-in lock screen themes are like white or light text colors. If there is an API or environment property that allows apps to match the current color scheme, I haven’t found it yet. I have tried different methods before, like things, without success.

I ended up coloring the first one, but I wasn’t happy with the result. Depending on the user’s lock theme, Live Action may appear out of place.

A Live Activity’s text color is black in light mode. This is not compatible with most lock screen themes.

Live action updates When you define a Live Action user, the system ignores animation variables – for example with Animation(_:_:) and animation(_:value:) – and uses animation time of the system in place. However, the system creates an animation when the focus of the Live Action changes. Text view accelerates information without content changes, and the system accelerates information changes for images and SF symbols. In and out comments pop up when you add or remove comments from the user interface based on data or state changes. Use the following view modifiers to set these built-in transitions: opacity, move(to:), slide, push(from:), or combinations thereof. Alternatively, request animations for timed text with numericText(countsDown 🙂 .

Ios 16.1 Beta Brings Back Live Activities Api With Iphone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Support

It makes sense to me that Apple doesn’t want developers to go crazy with animations on the lock screen, and maybe having full control over animations would make it easier for Apple to add Live Actions into permanent display to be installed. . Next iPhone.

Animations completely change the text. I find the blue text transitions to be the fastest value and I think this label looks better without the animation. But there is no union

Live Activity is very similar to a widget: the UI should reside in the widget extension of your application. However, you start Live Activity with the code running in your program. Both targets (the application and the widget extension) must access a common data type that represents the data displayed by the widget. You need to have a third-party target (a SwiftPM framework or package) that contains common methods and APIs and these targets will be installed.

Update 22 September 2022: This limit no longer applies. iOS 16.1 SDK added the ability to have the statuses available in WidgetBundle. Source: Tweet from Luca Bernardi (2022-09-20).

Everything You Need To Know About Ios Live Activities

It doesn’t seem to support devices with smaller targets. If your widget extension has the iOS 14 or 15 deployment target for an existing widget and you now want to add a Live Action, I think your widget package will look like this.

But this doesn’t compile because the widgetBundle’s default constructor method doesn’t support nested values. I hope Apple fixes this.

This is not a problem for me because our app does not have widgets until now, so I set the goal of implementing the widget extension in iOS 16.0. If you already have widgets and cannot require iOS 16, a solution is to add a second widget extension box just for Live Action. I haven’t tested this, but WidgetKit supports many widget extensions, so it should work:

Typically, you install all your widgets in a single widget extension, although your app can include multiple extensions. At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June, the company announced plans to launch a new feature of iOS: Live Events. Since the release of the ActivityKit Beta Framework at the end of last month, we’ve been working hard to build support for Live Activities to make it easier for our users to create, create and manage dashboards when the feature is available.

Apple Ios 16 And Ipados 16 (2022): How To Download, New Features, Supported Devices

Live Events are a form of sports advertising.