How To Fresh Install Windows 11

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Want to upgrade to Windows 11 on your current PC or do a fresh install on another PC? You can now run the Microsoft Windows 11 Media Creation Tool to create an installation file that you can copy to a bootable USB drive or burn to a DVD.

How To Fresh Install Windows 11

Microsoft is slowly rolling out Windows 11 to compatible Windows 10 devices, but that means it could take weeks or months for the update to reach you. If you are not in a hurry to install a new operating system, you can wait until it is available on your computer. However, if you want an instant update, a media builder is your best bet. Here’s how it works.

Full Tutorial] How To Clean Install Windows 11

To install Windows 11, your computer must meet the minimum requirements of the new operating system. Does yours match? To find out, download the PC Health Checker from Microsoft.

Go to the Windows 11 Specifications page (Opens in a new window) and scroll down until you see the Compatibility Checker section. Click the Download PC Health Checkup link to install the software. Open the app and click the “Check” button. A report will let you know if your computer meets the requirements.

If your computer does not evaluate, the program will not meet the current system requirements and specific problems will be explained to it.

If you understand this, open Microsoft’s Download Windows 11 page (opens in a new window) on any compatible computer (it doesn’t have to be a Windows 11 computer).

New Windows 11 Security Feature Requires A Clean Install

Then you have three options to install the operating system. You can use the installation wizard, installation media or disc image (ISO file). Scroll down to Create Windows 11 installation media and click Download now.

During the installation process, you will be prompted to accept the license terms and then confirm your language and edition for the Windows 11 ISO file, which you can then burn to DVD. If you select a USB drive, make sure the drive is connected to the computer. Click the Next button.

Make sure the correct USB drive is selected, especially if more than one removable drive is connected to the computer. Click the Next button. The tool will download Windows 11 to your USB drive and then create the installation media. Click Finish when the process is complete.

Prefer to go the DVD route? Select the ISO file option on the screen and select the media you want to use and click Next. Select the downloaded file and rename it to something more specific, like Windows 11.iso. Click the Save button and wait for the file to be copied to the selected folder.

How To: Perform A Clean Install Or Reinstall Of Windows 10

After the process is complete, the program will ask if you want to burn the ISO file to DVD. If you click the Open DVD Burn link, you can now burn the file. You can also wait another time; Note the location of the file so you know where to find it later.

Instead of opening the built-in Disk Image Burner, Microsoft simply presents you with a dialog box that displays the name of the executable file and parameters for using the tool from the command line. Click OK to close the report, and then click Finish to close the Media Creation Tool.

Of course, you can use the command line version of Image Burner, but there is an easier way. Insert the recordable DVD into the computer’s disc drive. Open File Explorer and right-click the Windows ISO file, then select Burn Disc Image.

If there is more than one disc, select the correct DVD disc. If you want to make sure that the burning was done correctly, check the disc after burning. Click the “Sniff” button. When the process is complete, close the disc image burning tool.

How To Do A Clean Installation Of Windows 11

Now it’s time to install Windows 11. First, let’s say you want to upgrade from Windows 10 to a new operating system on one of your computers. On this computer, log in to Windows 10 and insert the USB drive or DVD into the computer. Locate the files on the USB or DVD drive and double-click the setup.exe file.

Microsoft tells you which files and settings will be kept and what will be installed. Click Next, accept the license terms, and then click Install. Windows 11 will start the update and reboot. Sign in to your account and Windows 11 should be running.

Alternatively, you may want to perform a fresh installation of Windows 11. In this case, you can use a computer that does not have an operating system or that does not have the operating system that you want to wipe. Insert the USB drive or DVD into the computer and turn it on. Click the appropriate button for your computer to access the Start menu. Select the USB or DVD drive.

Windows 11 setup and installation should start automatically. The first screen confirms your language, time and keyboard. Click “Next” and “Install Now”. Enter your Product Key or go to this screen if it is not currently available. Select your version of Windows 11 and then select Custom: just install Windows as the version you want to install.

The Easy Way To Install Windows 11 On Unsupported Cpus

On the next screen asking where you want to install Windows, select the root partition, which should be empty if you don’t have an operating system. Otherwise, if you want to wipe the current version of Windows with Windows 11, select the Windows partition and click Next.

It will then install Windows 11. After installation, follow the steps to install the new operating system. It should then install into your new Windows 11 environment.

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How To Skip The Line And Manually Install Windows 11

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Although Microsoft always recommends using local updates through Windows Update, changing your current installation can cause problems and unexpected errors due to compatibility issues and default system configurations that can be used. When you use a clean install from Windows 11 22H2, you’re less likely to run into problems because you screw everything up and use a fresh copy of the operating system.

Additionally, if you’ve been using the same setup for months, scrapping everything and starting from scratch can resolve existing issues and improve startup times, performance, and memory usage.

While there are several ways to proceed with a clean install, the best approach is to use a bootable USB media with Windows 11 22H2 files that can be created using the Media Creation Tool, an official ISO file, or third-party tools. Rufus.

How To Install Windows 11 From A Usb

If you currently have a device running Windows 11 21H2, Windows 10 or earlier, this guide will show you how to perform a fresh installation of the Windows 11 2022 update using a bootable USB flash drive.

Note: This will delete everything on your device. It is recommended to fully back up your computer before proceeding. You have been warned.

The installation process requires you to create a USB flash drive with the installation files and start your computer with bootable media to start the Windows 11 2022 update setup. You will also need to make sure that your device can boot from a USB flash drive, which means that you will need to change the UEFI settings. As software settings vary from computer to computer, you should check the manufacturer’s support website for more specific information. Once the device setup process has started, you can proceed by following the instructions below.

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Here’s How To Do A Clean Install Of Windows 11 On An External Hard Disk

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