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How To Flip A Pdf – Flip PDF Plus Corporate is a powerful feature-rich document creator with a multimedia editor. Start with stunning pre-made templates, fully customize your digital brochure or catalog with an interactive effect by adding multimedia such as YouTube videos, images, phone numbers, hyperlinks and animations. It also includes more than 40 sites, 70 pre-made buttons, 13 slideshows, 90 designs, and other assets for commercial use. One license code of the Corporate Edition allows your team to run it on 4 computers. (Please see the purchase page for more plans). It also offers a free one-year VIP account to upload 1,000 books on the server.

For Windows 10, 8, 7 and MacOS 10.9+ Version number: 6.8.7 Imported PDF pages: 1,000 | Imported PDF size: 1G One license code is for 4 computers (same OS) Free subscription for one year to hosting add-on service to publish 1,000 books * Provide hosting add-on service.

How To Flip A Pdf

You will receive a license code after purchasing Flip PDF Plus Corporate. This allows your team to run on 4 computers with a common license code, which helps avoid misusing other members’ license codes. It is the preferred option for teamwork and collaboration.

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You can enjoy one year of free additional hosting service after purchasing Flip PDF Plus Corporate. This service allows you to upload up to 1000 digital publications to the server and share them on your website and social networks. A free account can be accessed by multiple team members at the same time, which is flexible and efficient for collaboration and management.

The Corp version comes with 40+ new hotspot animation effects, which help change colors and adjust speed. To get the attention of your readers, you can add hot spots to the main page content. With its smooth effect, your eBook will no longer be monotonous. By adding links, pop-up videos, and other triggers to sites, you can easily create highly interactive eBooks. See the demo>

70+ well-designed buttons that are easy to use and fully customizable. You can choose a button icon from an icon library of over 280 icons. You can also edit text, color and other styles. The key feature helps you eliminate the hard search for key content. With Trigger Actions, you can easily achieve various clicking effects on your buttons. See the demo>

Turn images into engaging photo slideshows and give readers more control over your posts to keep them engaged. There are now 13+ different photo slideshow effects, such as Flip, Roll, and Cube. Show more content in less space and become a better storyteller with photo slideshows. See the demo>

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90+ different pre-made designs are available to use. You can adjust the angle of the shapes as needed. Add different shapes to decorate and fill the blank space on the book page to give your eBooks extra visual appeal and show the full feel of the design.

With an easy-to-use interface, you can create a realistic HTML page in less than 10 minutes. Simply import a PDF and select a pre-made template, you can easily create An impressive professional magazine or brochure. No coding or design skills required!

How to create multiple PDFs in one document? FlipPDF Plus offers an amazing idea to merge PDFs directly into a page flip book without any code or skills.

Do you want to convert many PDF files to books at once? Batch conversion allows you to convert multiple PDFs to Flipbooks one by one. You don’t need to convert PDFs one by one.

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FlipPDF Plus provides a variety of pre-built templates, themes and animations that you can quickly customize to meet your needs. Choose a template for the document toolbar, change a theme for the document’s appearance (background and color), and add an animation to brighten the background of your document.

Configuration of the following functions can be saved in your templates: toolbar, themes, views, settings (like background, your brand logo), TOC, bookmarks, multilingual, password, and even Helper voice. Save your templates directly in the program, making it easy to reuse or export them to share with others.

Design your own flip book: Customize the background colors of your page-turning eBook. Set logo image for branding; Customize the toolbar on services such as printing, downloading or sharing your page flip ebook. There are dozens of different programs that allow you to customize your page-turning eBook to your liking.

Does your PDF not have a table of contents? No problem, create your own table of contents and make it easy to navigate throughout the book.

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In FlipPDF Plus, you can use an assistant that helps you add audio to document pages, with integrated navigation text. This amazing feature will be very useful for you to create presentations for meetings, story books for children, or language books for learning.

You can embed video codec, add online video file, YouTube ID, Vimeo ID, or put native video in your Flipbook, which can increase visual appeal and increase flip boxes. Therefore, you can keep readers on your pages longer and provide more information about your brand or company.

Add audio or multiple audios such as background sounds or appropriate music to create a fun book and enhance your readers’ experience. By listening to different audio, readers will be even more engaged with your flip content.

Instantly add text, images or GIFs to provide your readers with more details about your products, which can highlight product features and grow your online business effectively. Let text and image work in harmony to communicate your brand and products to customers.

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There are 90+ different designs to help you design a stylish and unique flip book. You can also use shape and line brushes to draw any shape for all your needs. You can create a QR code for your product website, and readers can easily scan the code with their mobile device to open a web page for more information about the product.

Add a link as a trigger function, where readers can click to open a link to see more information about the products or go to another related website. In addition to increasing the engagement of your book, it allows you to connect with your readers and achieve your business goals.

“Go to page” can guide readers to what to read next in your flipbook. In addition, readers can quickly go to another page to find the information they need, which can improve reading efficiency.

Add your phone number so your readers can contact you quickly by typing the phone number when they have a problem with your products or Flipbook content. Create an engaging experience that connects readers to your company and builds trust between customers and your brand.

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You can embed a link as a popup window to display more information about your website. This gives your readers a seamless experience without leaving your flipbook. It’s good at getting customers’ attention and can be effective as a marketing strategy.

You can create a series of images on the pages of your book. Give your readers a more detailed account of your stated goal. Provide more information and get more profit (like buying your product) from potential customers who will take the time to find out more about your product.

Apply various animation effects including in/attention/exit effects to the selected chapter to make your chapter more dynamic and engage your readers. With animated effects, readers will more easily go through your flip book.

Show/hide a specific item or switch between them when another item is finished/skipped or clicked. If you want to easily display or store your target item as needed, this interface is perfect for you.

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Hundreds of input / focus / output animation effects, such as rotation, zoom in / out and bounce, help you create more engaging content and keep your readers focused on your flip books. You can customize the speed, duration and more of the animation effects.

You can set the game time and the speed of the animation effect. Drag the slider to control when the animations start/stop. To make your animation run faster or slower, drag to adjust the length of the slider to change the duration.

Select multiple elements and right-click to paste animation effects, paste level effects, duration of level effects, and remove level effects. You can quickly and easily manage the timing of various animation effects.

Adding your company logo or website logo to your flip book helps showcase your brand. This means you can show your company’s brand information to your customers while they are reading your brand brochure.

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Convert PDF Plus allows you to add a loading logo or loading video to your document to attract readers and sell your brand.

Want to make your business stand out? Why not brand your bookshelf with a logo, which can prevent your work from being stolen or misused, as well as help spread brand recognition.

Do you want to make money with your eBook? Convert PDF Plus allows you to set prices.