How To Find Hidden Text Messages On Phone

How To Find Hidden Text Messages On Phone – How to find hidden messages on iPhone? Follow this article to learn how to find messages on iPhone. You will also learn how to display text messages on iPhone screen and how to backup iPhone messages to computer.

Nowadays, more and more people like to keep their messages private and private. It can protect important information from being leaked to some extent. However, when people accidentally block contacts or classify texts as spam, it can lead to the loss of important data on the iPhone. Many people wonder how to find hidden messages on iPhone.

How To Find Hidden Text Messages On Phone

How to find hidden messages on iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13/14? Continue reading this section, you can find your hidden messages on iPhone and save messages easily.

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There are two ways to hide messages on iPhone. One way is to avoid message previews or hide alerts to stop message notifications directly from settings. The other is to remove someone from your contact list and make them an unknown sender.

In fact, there are no hidden messages on the iPhone. A hidden text message usually refers to a message that is not directly visible on the iPhone. If you carefully check the Message app on your iPhone, you can find hidden messages by following the steps below.

In part 1, we learned how to find hidden messages on iPhone. However, for some reasons, for example, to preview or transfer messages between two iOS devices, you will need to display the text message itself. Below are the steps to show hidden messages on iPhone.

Step 1 Open your iPhone and go to Settings. Then scroll down and find “Notifications” and tap on it.

How To Hide Text Messages On Android

Step 3 Turn on Enable Notifications. So you can receive notifications and view messages on your iPhone screen.

Step 4. You can also select all to hide changes on lock screen, notification center, banner or show text messages.

Step 5: Scroll down to Options, tap on Show Preview and select Always show messages on iPhone.

In the above section, we discussed how to quickly view hidden messages on iPhone. As for the messages stored on the iPhone, it contains a huge amount of information and is one of the most confidential information. To protect your privacy, hiding messages on iPhone and backing up your messages is another important way to make your messages more secure.

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Although Apple provides iTunes and iCloud for users to back up messages on their iOS devices, both have limitations such as iCloud’s small storage space, but iTunes cannot preview items. Sometimes these factors have a negative impact on messages.

That’s why we recommend FoneTool, a professional backup tool to help you safely backup your iPhone text messages. Check below to know its amazing features.

● Create selected backups. If you don’t want to back up all your data, this tool allows you to selectively back up one or more files.

● Broad compatibility. It works well with iPhone 7, 8, X, XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, 14 and Windows PC.

How To Find Hidden Text Messages On Phone

Step 4. Select the messages you want to backup on your computer and click OK to start the backup.

Tip: If you want to quickly backup all text messages on iPhone, click the Start Backup icon in step 3 to finish.

It is for finding hidden messages on iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13/14. We will also tell you how to view messages on iPhone. FoneTool makes it easy to save and backup important messages. If you want to erase and restore your iPhone, FoneTool is the right choice for you. Unless you’ve switched to an encrypted messaging app, you probably reply to messages sparingly to keep in touch with friends and family. Sending messages is simple, fast and very convenient. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a secure lock screen, someone who accidentally picks up your phone can read your messages, giving you access to your private message conversations. Why should you hide your messages? conversation on your phone? Or maybe you plan to dominate the world with your idea partner? No matter the reason, sometimes you just want to have a private conversation. Texting is great, but unlike phone calls, it leaves a conversation that’s easy to read. Whether it’s a surprise birthday party for your child, spouse or family member, applying for a new job, or trying to prevent your sibling from reading all of your conversations, hiding your messages is essential. Hide Messages on Android Websites Fortunately, there are several ways to hide your messages from prying eyes. Follow the steps below to help hide your messages from people who shouldn’t read them. Protect your phone with a password, fingerprint, PIN, or pattern lock The easiest way to hide text messages is to protect your Android phone with a password, fingerprint, PIN, or pattern lock. If someone can’t get past the lock screen, they won’t be able to access your messages. Go to Settings > Security. Choose the security settings that work for you To unlock your phone with your fingerprint, you need a PIN, password, or lock pattern. Turn off “Sensitive Notifications” Even with a secure lock screen, there’s always a chance someone will see a message notification when a message arrives on your lock screen. Android phones have the ability to hide “sensitive content” on the lock screen, so it won’t display message details. This feature will show you which apps you’ve received notifications from, but only the “Hidden Content” message until you unlock your phone. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications. Tap the Sensitive Notifications switch to OFF. Hide text messages by turning on “silent” notifications If you don’t mind seeing the details of some conversations on the lock screen, Android also allows you to hide only “silent” notifications from the lock screen, so you can control specific notifications. Block all information from conversations and incoming notifications that you want to hide instead of . On your phone’s home screen, swipe down from top to open. notification interface Long press the notification of the contact you want to hide and select “Mute”. On the lock screen, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > NOTIFICATIONS Select “Hide silent conversations and notifications”. NOTE: the methods we have listed are to hide text messages. Hide messages on your phone from people who don’t know your password, PIN, or unlock pattern. However, if a family member or friend can bypass the screen lock, you will need a special app to hide messages on your Android phone. If you want to keep your private messaging conversations out of the wrong hands, check out some apps from the Play Store below. Calculator Pro+ Filter private messages and calls. The best way to hide a message in plain sight is to cheat with an app. Calculator Pro+ is a personal message and call log app disguised as a calculator for your ANDroid phone. Simply open the app and enter your password to turn Calculator Pro+ into a private messaging and calling app, preventing selected conversations from appearing in your phone’s main messaging and phone apps. Hide SMS and Call Recorder Here is an app that can prevent you from people. In addition to spying on your private conversations, it also allows you to record your private conversations. This app is a messaging app. All your messages, call logs and contacts are protected. If you are very paranoid about spying, this app is for you. Message Locker Message Locker can lock not only your messages but also other messaging apps you use. This app allows you to add a PIN/pattern lock to all your messenger and email apps. PIN/pattern locks them all. Automatically detects messaging apps on your phone. Everything from Hangouts to Snapchat can be locked. Private Inbox Private inbox is a way to automatically place messages from specific people behind a firewall. You can add your number as a “personal contact”. The contact’s message is automatically transferred to the application. If someone finds the app on your phone, a PIN is required to open it. Personal SMS and Calls This application creates a personal space in your phone where you can add any contact. After that, incoming and outgoing messages between private contacts will be stored in private space. They do not appear in public