How To Edit Backlit Photos On Iphone

How To Edit Backlit Photos On Iphone – What does HDR mean in your iPhone camera app? When should you use the HDR iPhone camera feature? And how does HDR help you take better photos in low light? In this article we will answer all your iPhone HDR questions. And you’ll see how to use HDR to take amazing photos with your iPhone.

HDR is one of the best iPhone camera settings in your camera app. But what does HDR mean?

How To Edit Backlit Photos On Iphone

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It works to create amazing images with more colors and detail in both light and dark.

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The human eye can see much wider than any camera. You can see the details of the darkness against the light sky. But what happens when you photograph such a scene?

Your iPhone camera can’t capture details in the dark and bright at the same time. If you are shooting the same thing, you will have problems appearing in your picture. (Exposure refers to the brightness of an image).

Your image will have shadows (dark areas) that are visible, with more color and detail. But the main thing (the brightness) is overexposed (white without color or detail).

Or the content is recommended with more color and detail. But the shadows appear underexposed (too dark with no color or detail).

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Setting up HDR on your iPhone solves the problem correctly. With HDR, you can take well-lit pictures with good consistency throughout.

The HDR image above shows how much color and detail can be captured in both dark and light scenes.

If the HDR concept sounds complicated at first, don’t worry! HDR is super easy to use on iPhone. And it means you don’t have to worry about problems happening with your photos.

So how exactly does the HDR iPhone camera feature work? When using HDR, the camera captures different scenes with different levels of brightness. The camera then takes the best of this exposure to create a visual image.

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This increases the dynamic range of the picture. That means you’ll see more color and detail in the shadows and highlights.

While this process may sound complicated, the good news is that the iPhone does it all for you. All you have to do is turn on HDR and snap a photo. The camera takes three shots and combines them to create your HDR image.

The iPhone HDR feature is great for capturing similar scenes with dark shadows and highlights. With HDR enabled, you can capture more detail in both bright and dark scenes.

HDR is perfect for landscape photography. Landscape scenes are often high in contrast, with the foreground being much darker than the sky.

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The photo below was taken without HDR. The brightness of the sky is overexposed. They appear pure without color or detail. The dark areas like the ship and the plants in the foreground seem a little underexposed. It is difficult to find content in these areas.

Now compare the image above with the HDR version below. The use of HDR makes the lighting look great with more colors and detail in both the interior and the sky.

Of course, HDR isn’t just for landscape photography. It can be used for other shooting situations with difficult lighting.

When you photograph an object in direct sunlight, dark shadows will be cast on the surface. Using HDR brightens the shadows while ensuring that the highlights are not over-exposed.

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If your subject is backlit (with backlight), use HDR to ensure that the subject does not appear as a dark silhouette against the background light.

The following example shows how you can use HDR when photographing shadows against a bright sky. Don’t choose between a subject that’s too dark or a sky that’s too bright, HDR gives you the best of both worlds.

As a general rule, use HDR if you have trouble getting good, balanced results. If the shadows seem too dark or too prominent, turn on HDR in the camera app.

Of course, there are times when you shouldn’t use HDR. Knowing when to use it and when not to use it is essential to capturing the best images in many situations.

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If you want to intentionally capture the contrast of the scene, leave HDR off. For example, when you’re shooting in bright sunlight, the contrast between light and shadow can create a perfect combination.

If you want to create a silhouette image where the subject appears completely black against the background light, don’t use HDR. When you turn on HDR, the shadows appear lighter and you don’t get the dark effect.

The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR cameras have smart HDR. This allows you to capture sharp HDR images of moving subjects.

But older iPhones don’t have Smart HDR. If you have an older iPhone, don’t use HDR when taking motion pictures. If the subject is in a different position for each exposure, you will get the ghosting effect, as shown below.

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The same goes for situations where you can’t hold your iPhone firmly enough while recording. This is especially important when taking HDR photos in low light.

For best results, use an iPhone tripod and iPhone tripod mount. If you don’t have a camera, fix your phone on a stable surface. This ensures that it remains perfectly still when capturing multiple HDR exposures.

Now that you understand what HDR is and when to use it, let’s see how to capture HDR photos in the camera app.

Go to Settings > Camera. Then make sure that Smart HDR (Auto HDR on older iPhones) is turned off. If Smart HDR is turned on, you won’t have the HDR option in the camera app.

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Also, make sure “Keep Lip Photo” is checked. This will tell your iPhone to save the non-HDR version of the photo as well.

Make sure that the HDR icon at the top of the screen is enabled (the icon will appear without a line when enabled).

On some older iPhones, you can set HDR to Auto, On, or Off. If you have these options, select On.

Note that it will take a little longer to capture an HDR image than normal. This is because the camera must take three pictures with different exposures and put them in one picture.

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Because of the extra time it takes to capture an HDR photo, you may move the iPhone a bit while capturing it. Any movement will cause blur caused by camera shake.

For this reason, it is important to hold your iPhone very steady or mount your phone on a tripod when capturing HDR images.

HDR is an amazing tool that allows you to create better visuals. However, HDR images are not always better than regular images.

Note that when you take an HDR photo, your iPhone saves a non-HDR version of the photo (only if you have Keep Normal Photo enabled in Settings).

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So always compare the HDR and non-HDR versions in the Photos app and use the one you like best.

The HDR feature in the iPhone camera app is a subtle change. If you like photos with a better HDR effect, you should download a special HDR app.

One of the best apps for HDR photography is Pro HDR X ($1.99). It has a variety of HDR capture and editing options that you can use to customize the final result.

The photo below was taken with the Pro HDR X app. It has beautiful colors and a lot of detail in both shades and highlights.

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For comparison, below are two photos of the same scene captured with the normal camera app. The first photo was taken with HDR on, the second is the non-HDR version.

The difference between the two local cameras is subtle. The HDR image has a lot of detail in the bright areas of the sky and a little detail in the shadows. However, the result is very different from the same scene captured with Pro HDR X.

The Pro HDR X app does a good job of creating a balanced scene. It also produces vibrant colors that can only be achieved with a photo editing app.

When you’re ready to take HDR photos, open the Pro HDR X app. The camera screen will appear as shown below.

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If you are using the app for the first time, you should check the app settings. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) and then open Settings (gear icon). Make sure the options are set as shown below, then tap Done.

On the camera screen, tap HDR to choose between Auto HDR and Manual HDR. You can disable HDR to take normal photos without HDR effect.

I recommend using Auto HDR to begin with. However, if you don’t get the results you want, switch to Manual HDR.

If you select the Manual HDR option, you will see three blue boxes on the screen.

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