How To Download From Google Docs

How To Download From Google Docs – When you right-click on an image on a webpage, you will find an option to download the image to your device. Many text editing tools also provide clear options or buttons for downloading images. Things work differently in Google Docs. Saving images from a Google document is a difficult task.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to save an image from Google Docs on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and computers. You will also learn how to extract bulk or multiple images from a document in one download.

How To Download From Google Docs

Note: The web screenshots in this tutorial were captured on a Mac computer. However, the methods and steps are the same on Windows devices.

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All you need is the Google Docs app and the Notes app. See how to do it:

This will download the image to your iPhone or iPad and you should see the image in the Photos app.

Unlike iOS, you cannot (currently) save an individual image of a document in the Google Docs app. You will have to download all the document images to your device storage via Google Drive.

Google Keep is one of the many Google add-ons built into Google Docs. The add-on primarily allows users to insert Google Keep notes into a document and save snippets of a document as a note.

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Google Keep also offers a nifty solution for saving images to a Google Docs document or presentation.

In the right bar, Google Docs will create a note file with the selected image as content.

Want to download all images in a Google Docs file at once? Saving the file as an HTML webpage will resolve the issue. The operation exports the document in a ZIP file with two objects: an HTML text file and a folder containing all the images in the document.

Note that the images in the folder are not arranged in the order they appear in the Google doc. Likewise, the images do not carry their original names. They are given a random image name and a number randomly generated by Google.

How To Download The Images From A Google Doc

Export the Google Docs file as a Word document and extract the images from the document to your computer.

You’ll find all the images in the Word document in the images folder, arranged in the order they appear in the document, but with randomly generated file names.

Google Docs has a feature that allows you to publish a copy of your Google Docs file as a lightweight webpage. If you need to download selected images from a document, use Google Docs’ Publish to Web feature to your advantage.

The trick is to create a web-based copy of the archive and download the image(s) from the archive’s web page. Easypeasy.

File Menu Google Docs

One good thing about this method is that it keeps the original name of the image(s), making it easier to identify the saved images. Also, it saves you the stress of renaming images, especially if your document has a lot of images.

“Image Extractor & Remover” is a popular Google Docs add-on that allows users to save images from Google documents. While convenient to use, the app’s permissions are excessive. This addition requires access to your Google Drive files and personal information in your Google account.

You also need to give her permission to view, edit and delete your Google Drive files. That’s too much data/access for the functionality you offer. The exchange is not worth it.

But if you’re okay with those permissions or feel like experimenting, here’s how to install the add-on.

Download Google Docs Drive Plus Android Document Hq Png Image In Different Resolution

In our experiments, images downloaded using these methods maintained the same size, dimension, and quality as the original image uploaded to the Google document. We uploaded about 50 images to a document, downloaded them all again and compared them to the original copies we uploaded.

There was no reduction in image quality or size, either on mobile or desktop. However, it is worth saying that editing an image in Google Docs will affect the size and quality of the download. For example, cropping an image will reduce its dimension and size.

We’ll leave you with the last trick for saving images from Google Docs. Download the document as a PDF and extract the images from the PDF file. You’re welcome 😉.

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How To Save An Image From Google Docs On Mac

Did you like this tip? If so, check out our own YouTube channel, where we cover Windows, Mac, software and apps, and have tons of troubleshooting tips and how-to videos. Click the button below to sign up! Google Docs and the rest of Google’s cloud suite are super useful, but what happens when the internet goes down? Where is the Google Docs for Windows download?

The short answer is, well, there isn’t one. I know it’s not the answer you were looking for, but these Google apps are cloud based. They run in Google’s data centers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t afford the times when internet isn’t an option, like flights or when you’re trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers and don’t dare go online.

It’s not the most elegant solution, but you can just download your Google Doc to your local machine. Click File > Download and choose the desired format.

Keep in mind that this creates a new copy of the document, which will not sync with your Google Doc. You will have to upload the new edited local document to your Drive or copy the updated content back into the existing document. This is a quick way to get an offline copy of a document, but why not enable Google Docs’ offline functionality?

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Google provides offline sync functionality for Google Drive (and therefore Docs), but it’s not enabled by default. This is available for PC, Android, and iOS, but we’re focusing on the desktop here.

While there isn’t a standalone Google Docs app that you can download, you can enable offline use of Google Docs through your Chrome browser.

Now any recent document will still work even if there is no internet. Of course, this doesn’t give you specific control over which files will be available offline. Fortunately, you can simply manually tag specific documents for offline access. Right-click on each document and toggle the “Available Offline” option. You can do this for multiple batches of files if you select them together, but not (as far as I know) for a folder. It’s not exactly a downloadable Docs app, but it’ll get the job done.

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How To Create A Pdf From A Document In Google Docs

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Want to make a Google Docs available offline? Downloading a document from Google Docs makes this possible. Once downloaded, you can edit or share the document as you would any other file.

The steps below will help you to download a Google Doc document on a Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS operating system computer.

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4. Navigate to Download. A submenu will appear with a list of available document file types. Select the file type you prefer to download.

You can also download a Google Doc document through the Google Drive interface. Google Drive, unlike Google Docs, allows you to select and download multiple files at once. The document will be downloaded in Microsoft Word (.docx) file format.

2. Select and right-click on the document you want to download. You can also hold the shift key on your keyboard to select multiple files at once and right-click.

5. You will see a prompt to choose between a PDF or Word document. choose your preference

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