How To Convert Pdf To Word In Mac

How To Convert Pdf To Word In Mac – PDF files are everywhere. But is it easy to manage them? obviously not. Unlike Microsoft Word or Google Docs where you can easily edit text and images, PDF files look like “words set in stone”. You need additional tools to change text, signature or editorial information. No wonder so many people want to know how to change PDF to Word to make it more editable.

In fact, Word documents give you more editing tools, so it makes sense to convert PDF to Word, make edits, and then convert back. How to convert PDF to Word on Mac? You can use copy and paste, but it’s a lot more work – you’ll spend more time moving the text around than actually editing it.

How To Convert Pdf To Word In Mac

Change anything in your PDF without converting it to other formats. Nitro PDF Pro can handle OCR, signatures, images and more.

How To Convert Pdf To Word On Mac Desktop Without Losing Quality

The bottom line is that you absolutely need to know how to convert PDF to Word on Mac — whether you’re writing a lease or proofreading a file at work. So why not learn the best ways to convert PDF to Word documents now to make your life much easier later.

So how do you convert PDF to Word quickly and easily? The truth is, there are several ways to convert PDF to Word to make simple edits to your files. For example, you can convert a PDF to a Word document using Google Drive or Adobe Acrobat Pro. You can also capture PDF text using a built-in Mac tool called Automator. But the real secret is knowing some advanced apps that do all the work for you. Let’s dive into it all.

Google Docs is a popular online editing tool and there is a good chance that you already store some PDF files under their own storage solution called Google Drive, which also allows you to convert PDF files to Word documents without having to download the PDF file to your computer first … Just note that if your PDF contains many images, Google Drive may remove them in the final document.

Here’s how to set up Google Drive to read PDF files in Google Docs and then convert them to Word documents:

How To Convert Pdf Into Word Docs On Windows, Mac, Android & Ios?

Google Drive works really well if you have a simple PDF text document that you need to edit in Word. But if your PDF is heavy with images, you need a more powerful PDF to Word converter for Mac.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is another complete solution for creating and editing PDF files. The good thing about it is that the fonts and layout features, such as bullet points and tables, will remain the same. Even when you’re out of the office, you can still export PDF to Word with the mobile version of Acrobat.

Automator is a Mac tool, built into your macOS. It generally helps with menial tasks, such as renaming files in batches or moving files in bulk. For our purposes, Automator also offers to help extract text from a PDF without converting the file to Word. You can then edit the text in any text editor, such as the Ulysses app.

Open your new Rich Text document in a word processor such as Ulysses, a writing-focused program. Ulysses helps you write with a clean, distraction-free user interface and structure and format your essay in its Markdown Editor. Conveniently, you can also keep side notes, sketches, and manuscripts in the app’s library. When you’re done, just export your work to a well-designed e-book or a new PDF.

Pdf To Word Converter For Mac

Ulysses can also be your solution for how to convert Word to PDF on Mac, as it can open Word files and export everything in PDF format as well.

On the other hand, Automator works great for working with text files, but what can you do if you want to extract words from images in your PDF?

Prizmo is a basic application that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create searchable PDF documents. It also allows you to edit or correct small errors or formatting errors in scanned files, just as you can in your favorite word processor. All in all, Prizmo is your best friend if you want to work with text on printed paper, business cards or even receipts.

Whether you’re struggling to convert scanned PDFs to text or wondering how to quickly capture text from a banner, landing page, video still, or other non-text format, give TextSniper a try.

How To Convert Pdf To Word On Mac For Free (proved)

This exact tool works just like a screenshot, just for text. Use the app shortcut Command + Shift + 2 or find the function manually in the app’s menu in your Mac’s menu bar to query the selection tool.

Select any part of the screen with the text you want to copy and in just a few seconds your text will be copied to your clipboard. Use Command + V to paste the text into Word or any other text editor.

If figuring out how to export PDF to Word sounds like a lot of work – there’s another way to edit them too, with Nitro PDF Pro.

Nitro PDF Pro is a powerful editor that you can use to add new images, text and even signatures directly to your PDF files. You can also delete and edit existing content, resize or move graphics, and copy and paste from other sources while maintaining formatting.

Best Pdf Converter Software For Windows And Mac

Use Nitro PDF Pro when you need to review and annotate PDF files. You can easily highlight, underline or add patches to any file. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can add new pages, rearrange existing pages, or merge separate PDF files into one. If you are going to edit PDF files regularly, Nitro PDF Pro is a must.

Now that you know how to export PDF to Word, extract text from PDF, and even edit your PDF directly, you can take control of your important documents and make changes as needed.

Best of all, all four of the aforementioned apps: Ulysses, Prizmo, TextSniper, and Nitro PDF Pro, are available completely free for seven days as part of a trial version of a suite of over 230 Mac and iPhone apps, which all promise to make your day as productive as possible. Try and see for yourself today!

It uses cookies to personalize your experience on our website. By continuing to use this page, you agree to our cookie policy. PDF files are a part of our daily life. They are necessary for our data and to store official data. Sometimes, due to various reasons, the need to convert a PDF file to Word arises. We will go through how to convert PDF files to Word today because they contain dynamic data that needs to be updated frequently. Converting PDF to Word on Mac is not a difficult process and here are 5 ways you can do it.

How To Convert Pdfs To Word Documents And Image Files

You can convert PDF files to Word on Mac using several websites. Knowing some of these sites is useful because you can visit them from a browser on any operating system. Here are some of the best websites to convert PDF to Word for free online.

It may take some time for your PDF files to be converted after they are uploaded to any of the above sites, as they are processed on their servers.

Apps that convert PDF to Word are available for download from the Mac Program Store and software websites. Most of them work offline, but some can too.

Yes, we have a Telegram bot called File Converter that can convert PDF files to Word files.

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This was the easiest way to convert PDF to Word on Mac. Which method did you find the easiest? Add your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to add more techniques or applications that can get the job done.

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How To Open A Pdf In Word On Mac

To open the document you want to convert, drag and drop it into the program’s main window.

Once the document has been opened in the element,