How To Circle Crop On Iphone

How To Circle Crop On Iphone – I’m trying to crop a video, captured with the iPhone camera, then put it on a UIImageView I’m following this SO question How to crop a video in a circle in iOS? And now I can take the video and place it on top of another recorded video Now I want the background to be the image and the foreground to be the cropped video My main problem now is to crop the video I want to crop I can’t post all the code here but here is the github repo and the class that does the conversion called CustomVideoCompositor . And I’m having a hard time editing it to be a circle, I want it to be an oval that’s half the width and lower.

I want to crop so that only this part of the rounded rectangle is cropped and usable.

How To Circle Crop On Iphone

If you just want the visual effect of the video cropping without changing the video file, you can simply add a mask to your video layer. I mean CALayer

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You need to use AVPlayer because it allows you to play multiple videos at the same time or display your video on other screens Also, using AVPlayer and AVPlayerLayer it is very easy to make the video round (There is a good tutorial on this). this to learn more: Playing-video-in-ios.html)

By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree that StackExchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The Photos app makes it easy to rotate or crop photos If you want to crop a square or rectangular photo on your iPhone or iPad, the Photos app has all the functionality you need. If you want to crop a photo to a circular image, we have a free third-party app for that. Learn how to crop photos on your iPad and iPhone

Cropping a photo allows you to move the frame of a photo to include what you want This is not the same as resizing a photo, which resizes the entire image intact To learn more about using the Photos app, visit the Photos app. check out our Tip of the Day newsletter

As we mentioned above, the Photos app can’t crop images to sizes other than rectangular or square But if you don’t want to upgrade to an expensive photo editing app, there’s one. There’s a free third-party app specifically for this called Round Photo. The free version is ad-supported, meaning you only need to watch a 5-second ad every once in a while. Also note that Round Photo only crops the image to a circle and does not allow you to adjust the shape to an oval. Now, here’s how to crop an image in a circle on your iPhone or iPad:

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Join the only free daily newsletter that reveals the latest things you can do with your iPhone in just one minute a day. In iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 and later, Focus lets you capture the moment when you need to focus or leave your device. . You can customize the focus settings and choose when you want to receive alerts and notifications, and let other people and apps know when you’re busy.

You can pass time-sensitive notifications from apps, which allows apps that aren’t on the whitelist to send time-sensitive notifications.

You can enable Focus from Control Center Just open Control Center on your iPhone or iPad, touch and hold Focus, then select the focus you want to enable.

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When you set focus, an icon appears in the status bar and on the lock screen, and your status is automatically displayed in the Messages app. When people try to message you, they’ll see that you’ve hidden the notification, but they can still notify you if it’s important.

When you use Focus on a device, the setting automatically applies to your Apple device signed in with the same Apple ID.

If you want to focus on an activity other than the focus options provided, you can create a custom focus.

Once you set up the focus, turn on the Share focus status so that apps show that notifications are muted when people message you. Since the app only knows that your notifications are on silent, it doesn’t know which focus you have on, so the name is never shared. The focus state is shared between apps when you focus on and after you give the app permission.

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Once you’ve set the focus, you can mute notifications or only allow notifications from people and apps that match your focus. Yukon The home screen page contains only the apps associated with your focus and makes it the only page available when focus is on.

From here, you can tap Options and Hide Notification Badge, which hides notifications on your home screen app.

You can schedule focus to trigger at specific times, when you’re in a specific location, or when you open specific apps.

When you enable Smart Activation, it automatically turns on Spotlight at appropriate times of the day based on location, time, or app usage.

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* Depending on the type of focus you are using, the steps may be different For example, you may see a schedule or automatic or only automatic

When you set the focus, you can add an application filter to determine what information the app displays when the focus is on. For example, you can show your task calendar while your task is in focus

With focus enabled, you can use the system filter to enable system settings like dark mode and low power mode.

When you first set up focus, you can enable timed notifications to let people and apps notify you immediately even when focus is on.

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You can allow a specific contact to contact you in an emergency, while you have the focus set up. It says Click here to go back to the top

Two diagonal lines form an ‘X’ It indicates how to end the interaction or dismiss the message

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