How To Change Pdf To Word On Mac

How To Change Pdf To Word On Mac – Have you ever received a PDF file that you would like to convert to Word DOC or DOCX? This is usually necessary when you have a PDF where you want to modify the content a bit, maybe a CV or thesis, but of course PDF can be more complex. If you want to convert a PDF to DOC, DOCX, RTF, or TXT, we’ll cover a few ways to extract on Mac OS X. This is essentially the opposite scenario of converting a Word document to PDF via Microsoft Office Word. , but it’s just as often necessary.

First, we will go over how you can use Google Docs to convert a file to Word format, then we will tell you how you can potentially extract text from a PDF document that you can then convert to DOC or DOCX yourself. Next, we’ll show you a paid solution from Adobe, which is a complete and comprehensive PDF to DOC converter best used for professional applications, and an alternative native Mac application that offers similar features. Finally, we will cover a more automated method that is an extension of the first text extraction approach that can convert PDFs into editable text files, perhaps better suited for casual use and with simple PDFs.

How To Change Pdf To Word On Mac

Note that if the file in question is password protected, you must first remove the password of the PDF file before starting the conversion process.

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Google Web Docs has some impressive PDF conversion tools, as we discussed earlier, and it works very well.

Google Docs is legitimately good at converting PDF to usable DOCX format, and often preserves formatting very well. You can then open the DOCX file in Microsoft Office or with Apple Pages to verify that the conversion went well.

The main disadvantage of Google Docs is that it requires internet access and internet access, otherwise it is free and easy to try and it might work for you.

Would you guess that copy and paste is reasonably effective in extracting text from a PDF file and converting it to a DOC or DOCX file? It’s not quite a PDF to DOC conversion by any automatic means, and it’s fairly low-tech, but if the PDF in question is primarily (or entirely) text-based, it works surprisingly well. In addition, you can convert the file to anything you want, be it doc, docx, rtf or even pdf.

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You can also use Command + A to Select All if you want to try to copy everything in the document.

Very low tech, right? But guess what, it can work! Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t, it largely depends on the PDF file you are trying to copy and get the text from. You can then save the file as a DOC or DOCX file when you’re done in Pages, Microsoft Office, or your application.

This is obviously the least technical approach, and with minimal effort, it is worth a try before trying other more complex methods or spending money on an Adobe product.

By far the best option is a paid one from Adobe, which created the PDF format to begin with, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they have a product that allows you to convert file formats to something else. Adobe’s offering is a web application, so it works on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows or Linux and can convert a PDF file to DOC, DOCX, RTF or even Excel XLSX files.

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Adobe’s converter tool is probably the best solution if you have a lot of PDF files to convert and you need to do things in the highest possible quality, but the price seems a little high to just convert one or two files from PDF to Word, so I will have to decide if it is worth it or not.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw of this Adobe solution is that there is no trial run or testing capability, you have to pay before you know if it works or not. It doesn’t sound too good for many users, so the next option may seem like many Mac users who want to convert PDF files.

There are a number of other paid options, but if you’re looking for a non-Adobe PDF converter, you should aim for one with OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities, as it can help you identify and extract the contents of the PDF file more easily. well . These are never particularly cheap solutions, but luckily many of them come with free trials so you can see if they work for your needs. We will discuss one of these options called CISDEM PDF Converter OCR, but there are many others.

In several tests with different PDF files, this solution works very well to extract all the data from the PDF and convert it to rich DOCX file format, but as it is very common with this type of file conversion, the exact format of the document is often lost for how complex. This is better than many other PDF conversion tools, and for fairly simple PDF documents, the output is almost perfect. Another advantage is that it does not require internet access or a web browser, as the application is native to Mac. It’s a bit better compared to copy and paste or the Automator method, but you’ll really want to try it out with a test document or two before you commit to the app yourself.

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This is basically an automatic approach to the copy and paste method we describe as the first trick, it does not do the actual PDF conversion to Word DOC, but tries to extract the text and print it as RTF or TXT. file, which you can manually save as Word DOC or DOCX if necessary. Automator is considered a bit more advanced because it basically creates an automatic macro for the task you are setting up, but it is not particularly difficult if you follow the configuration instructions:

You really need to take a good look at the exported PDF document to see if the resulting content is satisfactory, in a stylized PDF you may notice that some letters and characters are missing, but the essence of the text is there, as in this example a. below:

Again, this isn’t too different from option 1 of copying and pasting the PDF data into a DOC or text file yourself, but it’s useful if you’re working with a lot of documents because it automates the process. Remember that the simpler the PDF, the better this method will work, complex PDF or PDF with images will not work because the text is not recognized (because there is no OCR, it is simply text extraction).

You may have noticed by now that you cannot simply try to open a PDF file with a generic text editor on Mac OS X or any other OS, because it will just open up nonsense. That’s why you need to extract the PDF content manually and import it into the file format of your choice, or use the available conversion tools. For example, what happens when you try to load a PDF file in a Mac OS X text editor, there is no visible PDF text without effort to convert, copy, paste or extract, it’s all nonsense:

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Did one of the above methods work for your conversion needs? Did a simple text extraction method work to get the PDF data and convert it to DOC? Have you used Adobe’s product offerings? Do you know of another solution to convert PDF files to DOC and DOCX on Mac OS X (or via the web)? Let us know your experience in the comments!

Get more of our great tips, tricks and important news from Apple delivered to your newsletter inbox. The PDF format is one of the most commonly used file formats. Although many people use it, few modify PDF documents. This is because it is a difficult format to edit. The ideal solution is to convert the documents into Word documents, which can then be edited and converted back to PDF format. If you’re working on a Mac, there are several ways to convert PDF to Word.

With the latest release of macOS Big Sur, which improves the Mac experience, you will have many seamless ways to convert and edit PDF documents. If you are wondering how to convert PDF to Word on Mac, you would be surprised to know that depending on your requirements, there are convenient options to convert PDF to Word that will give you satisfactory results.

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