How To Block Spam Texts On Android

How To Block Spam Texts On Android – There is no doubt that texting is the most popular form of communication these days. A text from your best friend in the middle of a busy day is a welcome relief.

On the other hand, text messages from people you don’t want to hear from can be annoying to incredibly frustrating. The same goes for persistent spam texts with countless offers and ads you don’t need.

How To Block Spam Texts On Android

Fortunately, Android users have several effective options for blocking unwanted texts. Most devices come with some built-in blocking feature, but there are third-party apps to pick up the slack as needed.

How To Block & Report Spam Texts In Android Messages « Android :: Gadget Hacks

All Android smartphones come with a default text messaging app. It is connected to your carrier and you can use it to send text or multimedia messages.

So is there a way to completely block all text messages? You may want to uninstall a text messaging app to stop receiving texts, but unfortunately, this is not possible.

First, you can disable text message notifications. Unless you never check the app to see the actual messages, you won’t be aware of them.

The steps to stop receiving text notifications may vary slightly depending on which Android device you’re using, but will go something like this:

How To Block Spam Texts With Samsung Messages « Android :: Gadget Hacks

Again, this won’t block any contacts or messages but it will prevent you from seeing notifications for them.

Another solution is to use Do Not Disturb. Fortunately, there are many customization options that allow you to receive other types of communication but stop all texts.

While it may be difficult to block all text messages and receive other notifications at the same time, it is possible. But if you want to block certain phone numbers from texting you, read the next section.

Nowadays, blocking someone is not a common practice. We block people on social media when we disapprove of their behavior, and the same applies to texting.

How To Block Text Messages On Any Android Phone

If you keep getting unwanted messages from a particular contact, you can easily block their number. Again, Android software varies slightly depending on the manufacturer, but it’s generally the same.

Samsung smartphones are one of the most popular Android devices, so we’ll use their interface as an example here. There are two ways to block a phone number from texting you on Samsung.

You can call this a “preemptive strike” because you can block a number in anticipation of the text message you’ll receive.

The second method is more convenient if you want to block an existing contact with whom you have already exchanged messages. Here’s how to do it:

How To Stop Spam Texts On An Iphone Or Android

Both methods will prevent the person from texting and calling. If they try to send a message, it will appear as undelivered by them.

If the person you want to block is in your contacts, but you haven’t messaged them before, you can go to your Contacts app and block them directly from there.

For many people, dealing with spam text messages is a big problem. When spam texts show phone numbers, the problem is less complicated, because you can block them without delay.

Unfortunately, some spammers use email addresses instead of phone numbers, and this solution won’t work either. If spam text messages are bothering you day and night, you can install a third-party application that solves this problem.

How To Block Spam Calls On Android & Iphone Devices

Android users have several options. You can go to Google Play and search for “spam blocker” and you’ll see plenty of free options.

Another option is to call your cell phone carrier. In most cases, the carrier can disable the email-to-text feature for you. So, effectively block any text in the email. However, you must activate the block on each line on your account, and you will not be able to read valid messages from email addresses to your phone number.

Have you ever received a vague or strange message from an unknown number? You can choose to engage, but be aware that someone might be phishing and try to get you to click on a suspicious link or something similar.

If you suddenly receive a suspicious text, you can block them. When you receive a message from a new number on most Android phones, you’ll automatically choose between adding the number to Contacts or blocking them immediately.

How To Block Spam Texts

One tap on the “Block Sender” button will be enough. If you’re not sure whether to block them right away, you can save them as a contact first and block them later.

Some Android devices have this feature and others don’t. Generally, this feature is available exactly where you block specific numbers and contacts.

If your Android phone allows you to block certain phrases, this can filter out a lot of spam messages. Users can create some phrases like “You win” or “One time offer” or filter unwanted messages.

Most of the major carriers have provided this service to their users. If you are receiving a lot of spam messages or want to block certain numbers, you can contact your carrier and check your options.

How To Block Spam Text Messages On Iphone, Android And Windows Smartphones

Many parents choose to do this when they buy a smartphone for their child. For example, Verizon allows users to block calls, messages, and even emails and domains.

T-Mobile goes a step further and allows users to block all paid text messages. AT&T has a mobile security app that protects users from spam emails and text messages.

If you use a web-based texting app like WhatsApp, blocking someone’s number from a contact isn’t enough. They will still message you on other apps, so you have to manually block this person on each app. Fortunately, most text messaging apps provide this option. In WhatsApp, number blocking works like this:

When someone you don’t want to talk to keeps texting you, blocking them is a practical solution. Android users can rely on the built-in blocking feature, which will work efficiently. A blocked number will no longer be able to message or call you.

How To Block Unwanted Calls And Text Messages On Iphone

The situation gets a little more complicated with spam messages and email texts that can be persistent and even annoying. Some Android devices have spam protection, which is great, but you can reach out to your carrier and see how they can protect you from all spam. Finally, a third-party Android app can solve all the problems in one strike, but it means having enough storage on your device.

Have you ever blocked someone? How do you deal with spam texts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Android phones allow you to block numbers so that you never receive unwanted texts from them. Nico De Pasquale Photography / Getty Images

While it is illegal for businesses to send you unsolicited text messages, that certainly doesn’t stop many spammers from sending you unsolicited text messages.

How To Block Text Messages From Unknown Numbers On Iphone And Android

If you are often frustrated by texts from the same recipient you don’t want, you can block messages from that number.

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The location of the block message order varies depending on which Android phone you have and which version of the operating system is installed.

Most apps work like the Google Messages app, which is the stock Google app on some phones (like Google Pixel phones). You can follow these steps to get the option in your own app, or you can install Google Messages from the Google Play store and set it as your default messaging app when you want to block texts, then switch back to your preferred text app. You are done

How To Block Texts On Iphone

You can switch between Google Messages and your preferred messaging app quickly and as often as you want.

5. On the pop-up, select whether you want to report the text messages as spam. If you do, check the “Report spam” box. This is optional, however – you can clear the box if you don’t want to report messages. Tap “OK” to block all future messages from this sender.

If you’ve blocked a text message and later want to resume receiving messages from that sender, you can unblock with just a few taps.

1. In the Messages app on your Android, tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen.

Extensive Guide To Block Spam Text Messages From T Mobile

Tap the three-dot menu and select “Spam and Block” to see the list