How To Access Clipboard On Android

How To Access Clipboard On Android – Clipboard is where your Android device stores recently copied items. It allows you to easily copy and paste text, photos, files and more. But accessing the clipboard on Android phones isn’t always easy — so where is the clipboard on Android?

In this article, we’ll share how to access the clipboard on your Android phone and which third-party apps can help you manage your clipboard for the best experience.

How To Access Clipboard On Android

The clipboard is a feature of many operating systems, including Android, Windows, and Mac, although later systems allow you more control over the clipboard, which isn’t always the case on Android.

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Most Android devices only allow you to view and paste the last item copied to the clipboard. However, some newer models now offer access to your entire clipboard history — a very useful feature if you frequently copy and paste content like memes to your friends.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear which devices or Android versions have this built-in clipboard feature and which don’t, so you’ll have to try it on your device to find it. Some Samsung phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S20, have the ability to view Android clipboard history natively.

Third-party keyboard and clipboard manager apps offer more functionality than the built-in Android keyboard, including the ability to view and edit the clipboard. Here are the best clipboard options available:

Gboard is the official keyboard of Google. It is one of the most popular third-party keyboard apps and is very easy to use. In fact, many newer Android models come pre-installed with the Gboard keyboard.

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Note: You can pin clipboard items to save them permanently to the Gboard clipboard. To pin an item, tap and hold it and tap Pin.

Gboard is available on iOS through Apple’s App Store, so iPhone users can also access their clipboard history.

SwiftKey is a keyboard application developed by Microsoft. This gives users more control over their clipboard, allowing them to easily view their clipboard history.

Note: Like Gboard, you can pin items by tapping the pin icon next to the item. This added clipboard feature ensures that your recent items are permanently on the clipboard.

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Standalone clipboard managers such as Clipper provide additional clipboard functionality to make it easier to use. However, starting with Android 10, Google removed the ability for these third-party apps to access clipboard data for security reasons.

Clipboard Manager allows you to save content that you frequently send to other people. This is great for those who work from an Android smartphone and enter the same message or greeting multiple times a day.

Luckily, when it comes to keyboard apps, there are tons of options—Gboard and SwiftKey are two of the best!

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Did you like this trick? If so, check out our own YouTube channel where we cover Windows, Mac, software and apps and provide troubleshooting tips and how-to videos. Click the button below to subscribe! The copy and paste functionality on Android smartphones seems to be a “once-in-a-lifetime thing”. After copying a piece of text, you must paste it before copying or cutting another piece. If you don’t, you won’t be able to access it anymore.

Also, if you turn off your phone before copying and pasting the text, the text will disappear without a trace.

This is because Android smartphones save the copied text to RAM (Random Access Memory), a type of short-term memory.

But there is a way to access the clipboard on your Android phone and see those copied items – and that’s what this tutorial is about.

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You can access the clipboard in two ways: The first is through Gboard, a keyboard app from Google. The second method is to use Clipper, a third-party application that allows you to manage copied items more efficiently.

For security reasons, Google has banned third-party clipboard managers in Android 10 and above, so the guidance in this tutorial is based on accessing and clearing the clipboard using Gboard.

First, you need to download Gboard from Google PlayStore by typing “Gboard” in the search bar and clicking the search icon.

Install the app and open it. In my case, I installed it and it looks like this:

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After opening the application, you need to complete some basic configuration to get it up and running.

The first thing you need to do is select Gboard in your language and input settings. The app will prompt you to do this.

If not (in rare cases), go to Settings, tap System, tap “Language & Input”, tap “Virtual Keyboard” and select Gboard.

Next, you’ll be prompted to choose Gboard as your default keyboard. Click Input Method and then select Gboard in the modal that pops up.

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To access the Gboard clipboard feature, open the Notes app or any other app you want to type on.

Sometimes you’ll see a clipboard icon next to the Settings, GIFs, and other menus. However, if you don’t see the icon, click the three dots on the right to reveal hidden icons. There you will see a clipboard icon.

You can choose to continue using it like this or tap, hold and drag the clipboard icon to the main menu as shown in the screenshot below.

By default, clipboard functionality is turned off. You can open it by clicking the glider icon on the right and pressing “Open Clipboard”:

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Immediately, you will see some default items on the clipboard. They are instructions on how to use the clipboard functionality provided by Gboard.

To start copying and pasting, type your own text, tap and hold the ends and drag where you want to start and end, then copy or cut as appropriate.

To paste the copied text, check your clipboard for the copied snippet. The most recently copied snippet should be in the “Recent Projects” tab.

Tap the item to paste it into any text editor you want, whether it’s a note, a message, or a social media site.

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Open the clipboard, tap and hold an item, and click Delete. You should do this for every project.

Open the clipboard, click the pencil icon on the right, select all items, and click the trash can icon.

Note that any items copied using GBoard will disappear after one hour. To stop this from happening, you need to pin the copied item.

To pin a group of clips, click the pencil icon, select the items to pin, and click the pin icon.

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I hope this tutorial will help you to access Android Clipboard and manage it effectively. Thanks for reading, enjoy.

Learn to code for free. Open source courses have helped more than 40,000 people get developer jobs. Start with Clipboard to provide quick access to items you copy and paste into texts, notes and emails. While some Android phones allow you to access the clipboard history, others only show the last copied item.

Fortunately, there are some ways to view your clipboard history even on Android phones that don’t have this feature.

Viewing your clipboard history depends on the Android phone you’re using. Although Android devices share the same or similar operating system (customized by the manufacturer), they differ in several features, one of which is the keyboard.

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Unfortunately, most Android phones lack this feature. Instead, they only allow you to paste the latest item you copied. However, there are ways to view and manage your clipboard history, but they require installing a third-party app.

Although all Android phones come with built-in keyboards, many users choose to install third-party keyboard apps. This is mostly because keyboard apps usually offer more exciting features, including clipboard managers.

One of the most popular keyboard apps, Gboard is the official keyboard of Google. It is reliable and easy to use. Over 1 billion downloads on Play Store prove its popularity. Many new Android phones come with Gboard preinstalled.

Gboard allows you to permanently save all copied items by pinning them. Tap and hold a clip, and Gboard will pin it.

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Note that this feature will not work if you have disabled your clipboard manager. If turned off, Gboard won’t save any items you’ve copied and won’t be able to retrieve them.

SwiftKey is another great keyboard app with a clipboard option. Here’s how to access your clipboard and view your history:

The application also allows you to pin certain items to prevent them from expiring. Tap the pin icon to the right of each one you want to save.

Many other keyboard apps have clipboard managers. Although their functions are different..

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