Can You Have 2 Esims On Iphone

Can You Have 2 Esims On Iphone – Apple has made significant changes to its devices sold in the United States. They come without a physical SIM slot, and the user must rely on an eSIM to access mobile networks. Here’s how iPhone eSIMs work and what to keep in mind.

Apple iPhone and eSIM: Here are the steps to activate eSIM on an older iPhone 12 Pro Max. (Photo: Shruti Dapola/The Indian Express)

Can You Have 2 Esims On Iphone

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple has made significant changes to the devices it sells in the US. They come without a physical SIM slot, and the user must rely on an eSIM to access mobile networks. eSIMs aren’t new, they’ve been around for a while. Apple is also not the first company to remove the physical SIM slot from its phones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series do not have a physical SIM slot, including devices sold in India, and only require an eSIM to function. Apple has supported eSIM for some time (iPhone XS and later), although dual eSIM support started with the iPhone 12 series, until now US users could use both a regular SIM and an eSIM, but now they will. Stick with eSIM. But what does this mean for consumers, and is it a bad idea to get an iPhone 14 from the US, where prices are much lower? Apple has answered some questions on the detailed FAQ page. Here’s a quick look at what the company has to say.

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Apple notes that “eSIM is a standard digital SIM card supported by carriers.” It also offers more benefits than an eSIM, especially when traveling abroad, because if your iPhone is stolen. This is because thieves can’t take the SIM card and access it, especially if your iPhone is locked. Apple also notes on another page that iPhone eSIM activation is available for models purchased in the United States.

Apple iPhone settings show the option to add an eSIM. (Image credit: Shruti Dapola/Indian Express) Apple eSIM: How much can you save on the iPhone 14 series?

Apple says customers can store eight or more eSIM cards on the iPhone 14 series, but a single user can have two active eSIMs on iPhone models at the same time. So you can store multiple eSIM cards, but only use two at a time.

Users can selectively change settings between active eSIMs. This will come in handy when traveling abroad.

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The convenience of a physical SIM card can be missed here. For those traveling abroad, considering getting a local eSIM can be a challenge. Even if your existing carrier has international roaming, it will come with additional charges and sometimes the plans can be quite expensive. In such cases, a physical SIM card seems to have some advantages.

But Apple says users can buy and install an eSIM from a local carrier in the country or region they’re traveling to. He added that some “carriers offer pre-paid options that you can purchase on the operators’ websites or apps before you arrive, or when you arrive, through the operator’s kiosk at the airport, the operator’s store or elsewhere.”

The steps to activate a new eSIM will likely be the same, such as scanning the QR code provided by the carrier or using the carrier’s app. But yes, if you have an iPhone 14 imported from the US, you will need to get a local eSIM when traveling abroad.

Apple also allows users to activate two eSIM cards at once, including one purchased domestically and one purchased abroad. Additionally, users may be limited to eSIM data-only mode when traveling abroad. This can be useful if you don’t want to use your home SIM card for data browsing, as charges may be higher.

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Users can also turn data roaming on and off on the home eSIM in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options.

Apple eSIM: You bought an iPhone 14 in the US but plan to use it in India. Will this eSIM be a problem?

If you bought an unlocked iPhone 14 model in the US, it will work fine in India. But make sure you’re ready to ask for an eSIM and scan a QR code during iPhone setup. Note that the US iPhone 14 series requires an eSIM for activation.

In India, Jio, Airtel and Vi all support eSIM, so you’re covered. You’ll need to notify your carrier to request eSIM activation, and they’ll usually send you a code that needs to be scanned by the new device you want to use the eSIM on. Once activated, the eSIM should work. An ESIM is a digital SIM card that allows you to use a cellular plan from your carrier without using a physical nano-SIM. Learn how to set up and use Dual SIM.

Apple Ditches Physical Sim Cards From All Us Iphone 14 Models

Both of your phone numbers can make and receive voice and FaceTime calls, and send and receive messages via iMessage, SMS, and MMS.

If you want to use Dual SIM 5G on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, make sure you have iOS 14.5 or later.

To use two different carriers, your iPhone must be unlocked. Otherwise, both plans must be from the same carrier. If your first SIM card is offered by a CDMA carrier, your second SIM card will not be CDMA. Contact your operator for more information. If you have a corporate cell phone service plan, check with your company administrator to see if this feature is available.

All eSIM iPhone models can have multiple eSIMs and can use two SIM cards with two active SIM cards at the same time.

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You can use Dual SIM with physical SIM and eSIM. iPhone 13 and later models also have two active eSIMs. iPhone models without a physical SIM card have two active eSIM cards.

Once your second plan is activated, set your plans. For example, you can label one plan as Business and the other as Personal.

You’ll use these labels to make or receive calls and messages, to display a mobile data number, and to assign a number to contacts so they know which number to use.

If you later change your mind, you can go to the tab settings, click on cellular or mobile data, and then tap on the number you want to change the label. Then click on the mobile plan label and choose a new label or enter a custom label.

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Choose a number to use when calling or messaging someone who isn’t in your Contacts app. Choose which cellular plans you want to use for iMessage and FaceTime. You can choose one or two numbers.

On this screen, select your number, or choose which number to use for mobile data. Your other number will be your default. If you want your iPhone to use the cellular data of both plans, enable Cellular Data Transfer, depending on coverage and availability.

When calling one of your contacts, you don’t have to choose which number to use. By default, your iPhone uses the number you used the last time you called. If you haven’t called this contact, your iPhone uses your number by default. You can also specify which number to use for calls with the contact. Follow these steps:

When you make a call, if the carrier makes a Wi-Fi call for another phone number, you can answer calls to the other number. When you make calls using a line that doesn’t have your mobile data line, you need to enable Mobile Data Transfer to receive calls from another line. If you ignore the call and leave voicemail with the operator, you will receive a missed call message and the call will go to voicemail. Check with your carrier for Wi-Fi calling and find out if your data provider may have additional charges or data usage charges.

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If you are making a call and there is no Service on your other line, your carrier does not support Wi-Fi calling, or you have not turned on Wi-Fi calling.

It may also mean that mobile data transfer is not allowed. When you make a call, the incoming call to your other phone number will go to voicemail if you set up voicemail with the operator.

However, you will not receive a missed call notification from the second number. Call waiting on the same phone number. To avoid missing an important call, you can turn on call forwarding and forward all calls from one number to another. Check with your carrier to see if there are any additional charges.

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